Welcome to Mt. Hope!

My name is Heidi Scovel.

I am a Christ-follower, daughter, sister, friend, happy wife of Russ, blessed mom of three rambunctious boys and an audacious little girl, book collector, home educator, photographer, lazy control-freak, sentence diagrammer, occasional decorator, house-cleaning avoider, long-time blogger, curator of randomness, and lover of the little things.

Here at Mt. Hope, I chronicle my journey of living lovely. I share, in words and pictures, how I fill my days with learning, creating, nurturing, encouraging, celebrating, and exploring.

Thanks for witnessing my story!

As a passionate home educator, parent practicum speaker for Classical Conversations, and CC Essentials tutor (writing and grammar), I write a great deal about my family and various educational topics.

[family photo taken in 2015]

I am an introvert living in a world of extreme extroverts.

For the Myers-Briggs enthusiasts, I am an ISFJ married to my polar opposite ENTP. My husband works in the IT field and is a fantastic out-of-the-box problem-solver. He is also a swim coach.

My oldest son, Levi (15), is an ENFP (all the way over on the sliding scale). He is extremely verbal, non-sequential, extroverted, chaotic, dramatic, and imaginative. He reads voraciously.

Luke (12), next in line, is an ESFJ. He loves hands-on activities, risk-taking, competition, organizing, check-lists, and rewards (specifically cash, computers, and candy). He's my right-hand man.

Leif (10), an ESTP (I think), is like a huge puppy-dog: affectionate, stubborn, exuberant, and not always in control of his mouth or body. He adores people and talks non-stop. He is the hugging-est kid you will ever meet. Everything is black and white for Leif.

Lola Colette (6), well, she rules the pack. She's audacious, mischievous, and interactive. I am not yet sure of her MB type, but I'll guarantee it starts with an E(xtrovert).

As you might imagine, there is never a dull moment around here.

The Kids @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We live in the green and gorgeous Willamette Valley in Oregon where we have easy access to mountains, ocean, urban areas, high desert, and miles and miles of agricultural countryside. We have rivers and lakes and waterfalls and forests and farms and orchards and vineyards and sheep and, yes, a great deal of rain.

Sharing here at Mt. Hope Chronicles helps me celebrate my blessings with a heart of wonder and gratitude. Poet Mary Oliver summed it up nicely when she wrote her "instructions for living a life":

"Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it."

That's what living lovely is all about.


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Unknown said...

I just ran across your blog while on Pinterest looking for help with my daughter's Lost Tools of Writing assignment. I can't tell you how much your outline of The Secret Garden helped us put together her essay for Number the Stars. This is our first year of CC. I have one 12 year old daughter in Challenge A and my 11 year old daughter is in Foundations and Essentials. We are really struggling to find our rhythm while trying to get the work done (somewhat) well. I can't wait to read more of your entries!