Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mt. Hope Academy 2011 ~ Week 11

Ranger Levi Levi shooting arrow Archer Levi and his arrows Arrrrgh! The formating on this post is all wonky and it won't shape up. I'm tired of working on it. Maybe I'll try to fix it again later. It's been another interesting week of life at Mt. Hope. Sure is a good thing it's spring break. Lola's had a rough sick-week with three of her worst nights EVER. Bad cold, throwing-up, major diaper issues, and last night (all night) during which she let me know in no uncertain terms that she was NOT happy I had eaten split-pea soup. I need an extra week of sleep. The boys have been consumed with archery. Handmade bows, cardboard box targets, and old arrows from Grandpa. It's all good. Leif has still been spending a huge amount of time on his new bike riding skills. We spent an evening at Chuck E. Cheese's for my father-in-law's birthday (the boys were thrilled!!). Then an evening at my parents' house for a joint birthday party for the sisterhood (all three of us were born in March). Our friends just got two baby quail to raise, and we went to see them. They are so tiny and sweet! I followed and read up on a theological/scientific/homeschooling controversy until I thought my brain would explode. Missed several more hours of sleep. And then our fabulous pastor's sermon was perfect for the occasion, and I missed it due to having not slept last night. Guess I'll be listening to it online this week. It looks as if I'll be lucky to read a book a month this year. Lola won't nurse if I'm holding a book. It's a good thing I'm in a book club, or I wouldn't even read one a month! So far I've read The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, The Five Thousand Year Leap: 28 Great Ideas That Changed the World by W. Cleon Skousen, and this week I finished One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. All books that stretched me and made me think and feel deeply. Good stuff. Many hours were spent researching, planning, and organizing the next few weeks and months of school. There are changes ahead as CC ends in two weeks. Russ also accepted a job which will start in a couple weeks (making a significant impact on our routine) and we hope to take school on the road and get away for a bit before he begins. Oh, and some learning, thinking, reading, and watching woven through our days. That's life, folks. CC memory work review Fine Arts: IEW Poetry memory Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists: Winslow Homer by Mike Venezia (Levi: Morisot lapbook page for CC) The Music Box: The Story of Cristofori by Suzanne Guy and Donna Lacy Adventures in Architecture: Joe and the Skyscraper by Prestel 13 Buildings Children Should Know by Prestel Gargoyles, Girders & Glass Houses: Magnificent Master Builders by Bo Zaunders What's Inside: Fascinating Structures Around the World by Giles Laroche Math: Singapore workbooks daily Science: Bill Nye: Light and Color (DVD) Bill Nye: Light Optics (DVD) Safety Smart Science with Bill Nye: Fire (DVD) History: Great Americans for Children: Abraham Lincoln (DVD) The American Presidents: The 12th-25th Presidents (DVD) Levi's Assigned Reading: A Piece of the Mountain: The Story of Blaise Pascal by Joyce McPherson Literature: Winnie the Pooh (audio CD) House at Pooh Corner (audio CD) Levi's Free Reading: The Secret School by Avi Redwall: The Sable Quean by Brian Jacques The Traditional Bowyer's Bible (Volume Four) Malu's Wolf by Ruth Craig Misc: Luke piano practice and lesson Prepared presentations (poetry recitation) for CC Week 22
It is while you are patiently toiling at the little tasks of life that the meaning and shape of the great whole of life dawn on you.

~Phillips Brooks

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mt. Hope Academy ~ Lesson Plans 2011-2012

(I really apologize to my readers who come here for something other than homeschooling. But I post about my life, and that's life right now....)

As we finish up our year of Classical Conversations, I'm evaluating where we're at and where I want to go for the rest of this spring, over the summer, and into the next school year. I also wanted to gather in one place the links to my main resources. This is mostly for my benefit, but maybe one or two readers out there will find this interesting or helpful.

We are on "spring break" this week (though doing some light school work), and then we have three CC classes remaining. I'm proud of how we held it together last fall despite more than a month of illnesses, a new baby, and Russ losing his job. And we've done some really solid work the last couple of months.

The boys are all pre-registered for Classical Conversations 2011-2012. We are also currently registered with a distance learning program. They help pay for some of our non-faith-based materials and activities as well as administer the standardized testing which Levi was scheduled to take this year as a homeschooler (and has now completed).

I hope to keep up our current pace (minus CC, but adding in some resources) through the spring and then very light lessons over the summer, and picking back up in September when CC begins again.

It has come to my attention that my boys need to be kept busy and quite structured if I wish to keep the house (and its inhabitants) from being destroyed. Now that I look at my list, however, I'm not certain there is enough Dr. Pepper and chocolate in the world to keep me alive... (And, oh Lola, please be an angel toddler...)

Much of our work will be done together (with allowances for individual abilities and attention spans) unless otherwise noted.

LEVI ~ 4th grade

LUKE ~ 2nd grade

LEIF ~ Kindergarten

Classical Conversations (Cycle 3) (One morning each week for 24 weeks; includes social time and public speaking.)

Bible Memory:
CC Memorize John 1:1-7 (in Latin and English)
Sing the Word From A to Z until completely memorized, then A New Commandment (CDs)
(Finish independent Bible reading:
Levi: Day by Day Kid's Bible
Luke: The Children's Illustrated Bible (DK)
Leif: The Early Reader's Bible)
Telling God's Story
Passion Hymns For a Kid's Heart
Hymns For a Kid's Heart (Vol. 1)

(Luke: weekly hymns on piano)
(weekly patriotic hymns/songs)
(Christmas: The Handel's Messiah Family Advent Reader)

Teaching Textbooks (Luke: 3, Levi: 4)
Supplement with Singapore workbooks (Leif: Singapore only)
CC weekly memory work (skip counting/formulas/laws) (solidify memorization, practical application of formulas)

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry (finish)
DK First Human Body Encyclopedia (human body unit study)
CC weekly science memory work (human body and chemistry)
CC weekly science projects and experiments
Christian Kids Explore Physics
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia
Supplemental books and DVDs

(mini trampoline)

Fine Arts:
CC drawing, tin whistle/music theory, fine art/art projects, composers/instruments of the orchestra
Monthly Fine Arts Study (one composer/artist/poet each month)
Piano lessons (Luke) (loving this piano book series!)

Language Arts:
IEW Writing (Luke: Primary Arts of Language Writing, Levi: TWSS/Student Writing Intensive A/Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales Writing Lessons)
IEW Poetry Memorization
MCT Poetry, Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary (finish Island level and move on to Town)
CC grammar memory work (verbs, parts of sentences)
All About Spelling Level 2 (and 3)
Handwriting Without Tears workbooks
TYPING (need a program...)

Song School Latin (finish)
Prima Latina
CC Latin memory work

Spanish for Children A

Maps & Globes
CC U.S. geography (states, capitals, mountains, rivers, lakes, features, and more)
Continue map drawing and 'blobbing' continents (CC)
(review CC cycle 2 geography)
(history related maps)

The Story of the World: Early Modern Times (finish) (with Activity Guide)
The Story of the World: The Modern Age (with Activity Guide)
CC weekly history memory work (American history)
The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History (Luke)
The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia (Levi)
DK Children's Encyclopedia of American History
CC Veritas History Timeline Cards and U.S. Presidents (solidify memorization)
Supplemental books and DVDs
Assigned reading and read-aloud lists (Need to compile these!)

Lots of free reading

Review CC memory work from cycle 2

"Grammy School" (one or two afternoons each week at Bambi's house)
(reading, phonogram cards, handwriting workbook, math workbook, cooking/baking, crafts)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mt. Hope Academy 2011 ~ Week 10

Classical Conversations: Week 21. (Only 3 weeks left!)
Bible memory, U.S. Presidents, presentations (public speaking), science experiments, music, geography, history/science/Latin/grammar/math memory work, and social/gym time.

CC Memory Work Review

Independent Bible Reading
Sing the Word from A to Z (memorized verses M-Q)
Amazing Grace

Fine Arts:
IEW Poetry Memorization (poems 1-4)
Poetry for Young People: Robert Browning by Eileen Gillooly
Instruments of the Orchestra @ SFS Kids
Read about Brahms @ Making Music Fun
Brahms: radio shows @ Classics for Kids

CC geography review
Map drawing (blobbing continents)
Geography Songs: West Indies

Language Arts:
All About Spelling (steps 20,21)

Sentence Island
Practice Island (sentences 13-16)
Building Language (stem lesson 6)

Song School Latin (ch 17, 18, 19, review)

Vocabulary Flashcards

Singapore workbooks (daily)

Homeschool Day @ Evergreen Aviation Museum (classes about the sun and moon)

History Encyclopedias: The Cold War and The Space Race
The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain by Peter Sis
Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents: George Washington (DVD)
" John Adams "
" Thomas Jefferson "
The American Presidents: The First Eleven Presidents (DVD)
Lots and lots of U.S. Presidents books

Levi's Assigned Reading:
Helen Keller: From Tragedy to Triumph by Katharine E. Wilkie
Who Was Ronald Reagan? by Joyce Milton
(and various free reading)

Levi (That would be a cake spatula 'sword' in the beltloop...)

Luke's Assigned Reading:
Owls in the Family by Farley Mowat

Family Read-Aloud:
Man of the Family by Ralph Moody (ch 11-12)

Family Movie:
Fellowship of the Ring
October Sky (the space race in 1957)

The Story of Saint Patrick by James A. Janda

Luke piano practice

"Education would be so much more effective if its purpose were to ensure that by the time they leave school every boy and girl should know how much they don't know, and be imbued with a lifelong desire to know it."

~Sir William Haley

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mt. Hope Academy 2011 ~ Week 9

Classical Conversations: Week 20. (Only 4 weeks left!)
Bible memory, history time line, presentations (public speaking), science experiments, music, geography, history/science/Latin/grammar/math memory work, and social/gym time.

CC Memory Review

Sing the Word From A to Z (CD)
Children's Illustrated Bible (Luke, read aloud and independently)
Day by Day Kid's Bible (Levi, independently)
The Early Reader's Bible (Leif, read aloud and independently)
Cedarmont Kids: Hymns (CD)

Fine Arts:
(The Artists' Specials) Goya: Awakened in a Dream (DVD)
The Heroic Symphony by Anna Harwell Celenza (Beethoven)
DK Eyewitness: Music
A Child's Introduction to Poetry
(William Wordsworth and Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

Geography Songs: Asia (CD)
Countries Around the World: Vietnam (DVD)
Countries Around the World: Cambodia (DVD)
The Land I Lost by Huynh Quang Nhuong
Water Buffalo Days: Growing Up in Vietnam by Huynh Quang Nhuong

Language Arts:
All About Spelling (steps 18,19)
Sentence Island (pgs 90-108)
Practice Island (sentences 8-12)
Building Language (stem lesson 5)

Song School Latin (ch 15, 16)


Money & Making Change (DVD)
Got started on our new Singapore math books

(Levi) The Story of Science: Newton at the Center (Ch. 37: Obeying the (Second) Law [of Thermodynamics])
Bill Nye: Heat (DVD)
Bill Nye: The Science of Music (DVD)
Bill Nye: Friction (DVD)
(The Inventors' Specials) Einstein: Light to the Power of 2 (DVD)

Vietnam Memorial Wall
Leaving Vietnam: The True Story of Tuan Ngo by Sarah S. Kilborne
The Wall by Eve Bunting

Levi's Assigned Reading:
Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis

Family Read-Aloud:
Man of the Family by Ralph Moody (ch 6-10)

Luke piano practice and lesson
Family swim night
Lots of bike riding (Leif learned how to ride without training wheels and didn't want to stop!)

Family Movie:
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

(I have no idea what Levi read this week!)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Five Months and a Week

Lola (2) Lola ~ 5 Months
Lola (4)
Lola 5 mths
Lola (3)
Lola (6)
Lola (5)

Five months. That isn't possible, is it? Seventeen and a half pounds of pure sugar. Seriously, people. Are you tired of Lola Love, yet? I promise I'll get around to posting something other than pictures of Little Miss and homeschool checklists. But not today.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mt. Hope Academy 2011 ~ Week 8


It was another scattered week here at Mt. Hope Academy. Lola had a couple rough nights (the boys joined her one night) which makes for a tired mommy/teacher, I had a meeting Thursday morning and then hostessed book club that evening, Levi had standardized testing on Friday, and Saturday was crazy busy including a family trip to the swimming pool. I'm hoping for a quiet productive week this next week!

I even missed linking my last Simple Homeschool post on Wednesday! Head on over if you want to read another introduction/overview of Classical Conversations.

Classical Conversations: Week 19.
Bible memory, history time line, presentations (public speaking), science experiments, music, geography, history/science/Latin/grammar/math memory work.

CC Memory Review

Fine Arts:
Beethoven Lives Upstairs (book and CD)
I Wonder Why Flutes Have Holes and Other Questions About Music
The Story of the Incredible Orchestra
by Bruce Koscielniak
The Artists' Specials: Rembrandt: Fathers & Sons (DVD)

Around the World Coloring Book: Korea
The Land of the Dragon King and Other Korean Stories by Gillian McClure
Review CC geography
"Blobbing" continents (map drawing)

Language Arts:
All About Spelling (Steps 15-17)
Building Language (Stem Lesson 4)
Practice Island (sentences 5-7)
Sentence Island (pg 81-89)

Song School Latin: Review, Ch 14

Standardized Testing (Levi) Math and Reading

(Levi) Daily test prep math (lots and lots and lots, bleh)
Beginning Fractions and Decimals (Rock 'n Learn DVD)

(Levi) The Story of Science: Newton at the Center (Ch. 36: A Number-One Law, Thermodynamically Speaking)
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia: Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics for Preschoolers
Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Physics (DVD)
Bill Nye: Amphibians (DVD)
Bill Nye: Reptiles (DVD)
Bill Nye: Safety Smart Science: Electricity (DVD)

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia: Wars in Asia
The 1950s Decade in Photos: "The American Decade" by Jim Corrigan

Levi's Assigned Reading:
A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park (Korea)
Maria von Trapp: Beyond the Sound of Music by Candice F. Ransom

Levi's Free Reading:
The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien

Family Read-Aloud:
Man of the Family by Ralph Moody (ch 2-5)

Family Swim
Luke piano practice and lesson
prepared presentations for CC week 20 (demonstration: paper snowflakes)

I'm sure I forgot something, but c'est la vie...

[Energy] once in existence cannot be annihilated; it can only change its form.
[From a one year old boy, to a two year old boy, to a three year old boy.....]

~Julius Robert von Mayer, German physician and physicist