Thursday, May 3, 2007

Letters with Luke

Levi received Museum ABC for his first birthday, and it soon became a favorite. He knew all of his letters by sight by the time he turned two. When he was three the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD was recommended on the homeschooling board that I frequent. Within a few days he knew every letter sound. That sure made beginning reading lessons go more smoothly.

Luke didn't enjoy read-aloud time when he was younger. No time to sit still! Now he begs for me to read to him, and he loves ABC books--especially Museum ABC. He also loves to watch the Letter Factory. Now he knows all of his letters and sounds. Somehow, though, something is failing to translate. On the page with the letter B there are four beautiful pieces of artwork featuring boats. That is fairly straightforward. B says /b/ /b/ boat, right? Luke makes his own translations on other pages:

O says /ah/ /ah/ .... Cow! (Pictures are of Oxen.)

S says /s/ /s/....Moon! (Stars, of course.)

W says /w/ /w/...Bridge. (One of the paintings of windows must resemble a bridge. Who knows?)

At least he is getting the letters and their sounds correct!

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