Monday, September 3, 2007

Holiday Weekend Camping

Reason #147 why I love my husband:

We had no official plans for the holiday weekend. Russ had to head to Salem on Saturday to complete some work, and we don't care to follow the crowds to the beach or mountains.

When the boys and I greeted him at his car as he arrived home from work on Friday, the first thing he said to me was, 'I decided to take the boys camping this weekend.' My initial response was unfortunately panic, but I tried hard to keep the fear from showing in my eyes. Russ smiled and said, 'In the backyard.' Whew! That was a close one.

Before setting even one foot in the door, he had the boys' arms loaded with gear and heading to the back of the house. Levi, Luke, and Russ set up the tent. Leif supervised. I ordered pizza.

A fire was built in the fire pit. Marshmallows were roasted. Sleepy heads headed to the tent after a few chapters of The Hardy Boys, read by Dad. It doesn't get much better than that. (Especially since I had the house to myself-Leif and I stayed in-and worked late into the night on nothing in particular.)

And I was so glad we hadn't ventured far from home when Russ came in the house at 3:30 AM, carrying Luke--in the throes of an asthma attack. I spent the next few hours up with him, then Leif awoke at 5:30. Did I mention that I need lots of sleep?

I managed to make pancakes and blackberry syrup for the campers, and then drug myself through the day. It was a looooong one. Russ was gone working until late that evening, but at least he took Levi with him. Reason #148.....

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