Monday, December 7, 2009

Sure is quiet around here...

I know, I know, I haven't posted since Thursday!! What is THAT all about?
I must have bloggers block, which is obviously rare for me as I am approaching post #1,000. Good grief.

I'm tired of doing all the talking. How about y'all do the work for me?
(Excellent idea, Heidi!!)

1. Have you ever been on a jet ski, hang glider, snowmobile, or a camel?

2. If you could choose any career for a month, what would it be?

3. What is your favorite holiday food?

4. What is your reaction when you are really frustrated? Anger, silent retreat, vocal tirade, tears, violence, humor, or something else?

See you in the comments. Grin.

{Oh, and may I just say..... BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!}
{Oh, and Babe, I miss you!!!!!!}


Jen Rouse said...

Answer to #4: Tears. Definitely tears. Which frustrates me about myself! I hate crying!

Sarah W. said...

#1: I've been on a snowmachine many times (and a four-wheeler and float plane, too). Living in Alaska, it's both fun and sometimes a necessity to get places when roads are either non-existant or covered by snow. Oh- and people laugh at you when you call it a "snowmobile" up here. Heehee... ;)

#2: I would be a midwife (with all the proper training of course). What an amazing job- getting to nurture other women through such an amazing life altering process and getting to assist in the miracle of birth.

#3: I have many favorite holiday foods (darn it!), but a peculiar favorite are those little orange flavored chocolates that you crack open and they look like real orange wedges. I love those and my mom would always put one in my stocking. Lucky for me my hubby can't stand them. I get to enjoy it all to myself! :)

#4: I am embarassed to say that sometimes when I get *really* frustrated I throw things. My husband once accused me of hurling a magazine at him from the bathtub. I still maintain that I waited until he shut the door and then simply threw it in that general direction. It's not *my* fault he opened the door again right as it got there. Haha...

Congratulations on your upcoming #1000! Love your blog and it makes me dream of moving back to Oregon (my birthplace)and living in the country! Someday, someday...

DreamCatcher said...

hi there!
#1 no, no, no, definitely no (although I've been on a stubborn donkey once in santorini and hated it, does that count?)
#2 Bed & Breakfast owner or/and librarian
#3 *sigh* everything...the glazed pork, the stuffed bird (in greece we eat this at christmas day), the greek pastries...
#4 anger, shouts, the whole package, saddly...I hate me when I'm angry

Alysa said...

#1. Own a SeaDoo (well, hubby does so I guess by default I do too). Grew up in Canada so we owned a SkiDoo and loved it. Just rode a camel this past Friday night at our church's annual "Festive Christmas Lights". Would like to hang glide and almost did but had to catch an international flight home from Australia and ran out of time.

#2. I would LOVE to have the travel host job where they get to travel around the world and report on local cultures, sights to see, etc. Like Rick Steves!
#3. Favorite holiday food - anything my mom makes.
#4. Reaction when frustrated - tears and silence mixture. takes me a while to process what I'm feeling before I can verbalize it.

Fun idea for a blog post!

Kathy said...

1. Have you ever been on a jet ski, hang glider, snowmobile, or a camel?
Yes I've been on a jet ski, no to all the rest!

2. If you could choose any career for a month, what would it be?
Floral designer - which I get to do part time, but if I wasn't homeschooling my kids I would choose to do full time. =)

3. What is your favorite holiday food?
Fruitcake! yep, call me crazy but I love that stuff!

4. What is your reaction when you are really frustrated? Anger, silent retreat, vocal tirade, tears, violence, humor, or something else?
I usually start cleaning things like a mad woman, and I'm silent. Guess it's a good way to get my house clean!

Melissa said...

#1 - No, but I have done a military paratrooper training jump in Peru.

#2 - I'd work at Sea World

#3 - anything pumpkin

#4 - tears, which just makes me more frustrated!

Unknown said...

1. Yes to jet ski and snowmobile - great options if you live in Western MI!

2. Veterinarian. Probably should've just went that route anyways...

3. Tough one - LOVE LOVE LOVE a good apple pie, but generally I'm a chocolate girl. And chocolate mint? Dark chocolate mint? I'm sold.

4. Really frustrated? Hmm... depends. Good dose of anger, which often involves fuming silently with some passive aggressive undertones... may end up in a vocal tirade (which eventually leads to tears). Perhaps it depends on "how" frustrated is "really frustrated"? hahaha

Hmmmm.. that was fun!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

1. The only unusual mode of transportation in exotic place- scooter on a greek island! Very cool!
2. I'd be a postal worker- I LOVE snail mail. I've always wanted to be one. Carry it, sort it, sell stamps to people... :)
3. I love dressing. Really good dressing & gravy. I could skip the turkey, I have a savory tooth, not a sweet tooth. Any casserole.
4. Since someone else admitted the throw things, that's me when I'm really over the top. I stomp too. stomp walking & stomp standing still. I talk louder and faster. My DH says I clear my throat when I'm getting excalated. He mocks me when he thinks I'm mad.
Fun chatting- I have blogger's block too, not that I write much noteworthy, but I think there's too much going on in my head! And it takes to long to write it!
BTW, we're enjoying 2 of your recent recommendations in books for kids! Thanks! What are you reading right now? There's a post...

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

1. I've jet skied and I've parasailed.
2. Photographer~or at least follow a professional photographer around for a month.
3. Pecan pie. YUM!
4. Tears and I hate to admit it but vocal tirade sometimes too.

Aja Jenise said...

1 A jet ski for the brief moment in my girlish youth when I could bear to show myself in a bathing suit... oh how I wish I was that bearable again...

2 A world traveler/photojournalist

3. Fudge, mashed potatoes, and Martinelli's sparkling apple cider... WHAT?! Pick just one... thats cruel...

4. Anger, and screaming... I am trying to revert to the silent type... but I'm not a cork-screwed type... humor does wonders when propriety is required... wish I required it of myself though...

I hope your well... thanks for your book lists of photography and homeschooling/classical studies... its great to renew a girls perspective on things. I am enjoying Expressions and Last Child in the Woods.


Aja Jenise said...

Vocal tirades too... its a signature piece...

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess my answer to 4 is hide my head in the sand, take long walks in the dark and listen to sad David Cook songs over and over.


Renee said...

Missing you!!
1. I have been on a jet ski and a snowmobile. Jet ski spending summers at the Gulf of Mexico. Snowmobile on our trip to Jackson Hole three years ago.
2. I would love to try interior design or own a home decor boutique. So far I have been a dental assistant (in college), worked retail (high school), and taught first grade. I would not want to revisit any of those careers. (Except the teaching, but only with my own children!)
3.I love the holiday desserts. Pecan pie and red velvet cake bring back very sweet memories! Also, my Nana made this mint ice cream/choc. crust number that was divine!
4. I get quiet usually when I am angry, which is really funny because I come from a long line of hot-heads on my Dad's side!! Usually I can laugh at myself. I don't do so well with betrayal and/or lies.

Now you need to answer these questions, too! Merry Christmas, Heidi!

Cori said...

1. Jet-skis are pretty popular around here since there are several lakes and the ocean a matter of two hours away. No to the rest.
2. Be a midwife. (I can't believe someone else had this answer!) I know I would love welcoming new lives but I don't think I have it in me to handle the heartbreaking aspects that are inevitable.
3. Hashbrown casserole. No one else in my family likes it and I can't fathom eating an entire pan (well, actually I can but not the pant size it would require) so it's a holiday only dish.
4. Silent retreat, usually to bed if that's an option, then tears. I used to be a "thrower" until I put a hole in the wall with a jarred candle. Then I switched to kicking the washing machine since it's less destructible. Broke a toe and reverted to crying in bed. No serious damage done yet!

carole said...

1. no, no, no, no
2. probably lactation consultant or medical missionary
3. which holiday? at present, Christmas cookies are truly lovely
4. tears and/or anger

Did you answer these yet?