Wednesday, September 15, 2010



I have all sorts of chit-chatting to do with y'all, but it will have to wait for another day. Thank you so much for the comments, FB messages, and emails I received regarding my 'note to a friend' post. I wish I had the time to reply individually to each and every one of you right away, but I now have 5 sick people in my house, sigh.

Luke has hardly slept the last two nights (which means his sick mother hasn't, either) due to fever and non-stop coughing, so our first week of lessons at home have been completely derailed with a doctor visit, errands and prescription pick-up, and sleep deprivation.

On a very happy note, I have a new most favorite person. She has deep-cleaned my living room, kitchen, and bathroom, top to bottom. I am one happy camper.

We also had a successful first week at Classical Conversations. (I didn't know Luke was coming down with such a bad cold!) Thanks to the wonderful learning opportunity and the great material to review, this week won't be a complete wash-out. My four year old was begging to share the 8 parts of speech with his dad yesterday evening. Luke has 7 types of biomes down pat. We are singing about Charlemagne, locating European waters, chanting Latin, skip counting 2s, and more. Now if we can manage to get some handwriting, math, and spelling in, we'll be doing very well.

Because I don't like to post without pictures, I'll leave you with a sampling of the head shots I took for a friend a while back and forgot to post. Tinsa is a wonderful real estate agent (she sold my sister's house in one week!), so check her out if you are in the area and need her services!


jodi said...

i am getting old. i thought the (beautiful!) pictures were of a senior shoot!

i've missed checking in with you, heidi. can't wait to see pics of your beautiful baby girl (when she comes) and hear more about your year with CC. it was very popular where we lived in the south, but alas, not even known about in these parts of the northeast.

get well soon!
jodi in pa

Mumsy said...

Holy moly! She is so gorgeous! Heidi, your pictures are just marvelous.

Sweet Bouquets said...

Beautiful pics of Tinsa!! We were blessed to have her as our wonderful realtor also!! Great to see you yesterday are almost to the finish line...and there is a darling PINK prize waiting for you!!!