Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mt. Hope Academy 2011 ~ Week 8


It was another scattered week here at Mt. Hope Academy. Lola had a couple rough nights (the boys joined her one night) which makes for a tired mommy/teacher, I had a meeting Thursday morning and then hostessed book club that evening, Levi had standardized testing on Friday, and Saturday was crazy busy including a family trip to the swimming pool. I'm hoping for a quiet productive week this next week!

I even missed linking my last Simple Homeschool post on Wednesday! Head on over if you want to read another introduction/overview of Classical Conversations.

Classical Conversations: Week 19.
Bible memory, history time line, presentations (public speaking), science experiments, music, geography, history/science/Latin/grammar/math memory work.

CC Memory Review

Fine Arts:
Beethoven Lives Upstairs (book and CD)
I Wonder Why Flutes Have Holes and Other Questions About Music
The Story of the Incredible Orchestra
by Bruce Koscielniak
The Artists' Specials: Rembrandt: Fathers & Sons (DVD)

Around the World Coloring Book: Korea
The Land of the Dragon King and Other Korean Stories by Gillian McClure
Review CC geography
"Blobbing" continents (map drawing)

Language Arts:
All About Spelling (Steps 15-17)
Building Language (Stem Lesson 4)
Practice Island (sentences 5-7)
Sentence Island (pg 81-89)

Song School Latin: Review, Ch 14

Standardized Testing (Levi) Math and Reading

(Levi) Daily test prep math (lots and lots and lots, bleh)
Beginning Fractions and Decimals (Rock 'n Learn DVD)

(Levi) The Story of Science: Newton at the Center (Ch. 36: A Number-One Law, Thermodynamically Speaking)
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia: Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics for Preschoolers
Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Physics (DVD)
Bill Nye: Amphibians (DVD)
Bill Nye: Reptiles (DVD)
Bill Nye: Safety Smart Science: Electricity (DVD)

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia: Wars in Asia
The 1950s Decade in Photos: "The American Decade" by Jim Corrigan

Levi's Assigned Reading:
A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park (Korea)
Maria von Trapp: Beyond the Sound of Music by Candice F. Ransom

Levi's Free Reading:
The Return of the King by J.R.R. Tolkien

Family Read-Aloud:
Man of the Family by Ralph Moody (ch 2-5)

Family Swim
Luke piano practice and lesson
prepared presentations for CC week 20 (demonstration: paper snowflakes)

I'm sure I forgot something, but c'est la vie...

[Energy] once in existence cannot be annihilated; it can only change its form.
[From a one year old boy, to a two year old boy, to a three year old boy.....]

~Julius Robert von Mayer, German physician and physicist


Kelly said...

Your reading selections are much like ours...We love Ralph Moody's Little Britches series, and Matty is currently through The Fellowship and now on The Two Towers. I'm on book three right now myself. CC is still plugging along, and we're still so glad we returned! Hope your week this week is productive!

Anonymous said...

Funny, we also have the Bill Nye Safety Smart Science: Electricity and Amphibians (from the local library) in our learning basket for this week. Today, the youngest, chooses the electricity DVD, even though it says grades 4-8...and once finished we were all getting out batteries, light bulbs from flashlights and wires and all 3 kiddos were making electrical circuits and seeing the flashlight turn on...really fun :) Enjoy! C in Tualatin

jeana said...

I love your book selections. I'm going to start using this as a guide for our fine arts study, so thank you for posting! Bill Nye is coming to our town this week!

Karen said...

Great choices!
Quick question I want to make your lime cream souffle for St. Patricks day- do you use orange juice or lime?

Heidi said...

Karen~ I've tried lime juice before (not the full amount, just a little mixed with water), but I prefer it with orange juice. If you want the lime flavor really strong, then go with the lime.

Hannah said...

The Ralph Moody books are great, arent they? Except when you look at your son and think, "what's wrong with you??" ;-)

Kim S said...

Heidi, does your local library have Bill Nye or do you own them?

Heidi said...

Kim~ We get them at the library.

Heidi said...

Hannah~ Yes, I confess. That thought has gone through my head numerous times (and out my mouth a few...). My boys think they are so abused. :)