Sunday, May 29, 2011


Luke ~ 7 Luke and a Mustang

Dear Luke,

Seven long years ago, you were my baby Lukie. You didn’t sleep, but you were so stinkin’ cute and charming that I always forgave you. By the time you turned three, you didn’t talk very much but your face said it all. I don’t know if I’ve met a boy with more facial expression than you. And then you were four…still quiet, but dangerous when left alone. You were my Curious George. Always getting into curious trouble. Five came next—ornery and mischievous, dare-devilish, and tender-hearted. Last year you turned six. In this past year you have grown—taller, but so much more than that. You’ve found a voice to fit your earnest personality. You’ve begun to control that wild emotion of yours. You’ve read like crazy. You’ve turned into a fine piano player. I know I can always count on you if I need a helper or a quiet snuggle. I love spending time with you. Thank you for making my life so wonderful! Happy Birthday!!

Love, Mom.


Misha said...

He's so precious, Heidi. I love that we both have Lukes. : )

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi, sweet post! Thanks for sharing! We have got to meet sometime :) as my son Tor is turning 7 on Wednesday, June 1st! I am sure our kiddos would have a lot of fun together :) I also have Kara (age 8.5) and Kolsen (age 3.5)! ps I am on day 22 of the whole 30, all because of you and Elaine! Thanks! ~Connie in Tualatin

April said...

Blogging has become my scrapbook substitute, too. I've been reading your blog going on three years now and see how fast your kids are growing up. I would imagine you shed a tear or two typing this post, eh?