Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wildlife Safari ~ Take 2

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I feel like I should note here, if only for my own recollection in the future, what this trip was like. Wildlife Safari is only about two hours from our home, but we thought we’d head that direction the day before, stay the night in a hotel with a pool, and be ready to sight-see the next morning.


I have an acquaintance on a one-year around-the-world tour with her four young children, a friend planning her one-year around-the-world tour that she will be taking with her three kids, and another friend packing up to move to England for a year with her family. And we can’t even handle a one-night trip two hours away. [sigh] We just aren’t a traveling family.

Remind me next time I think something like this sounds fun that it takes forever to pack up a family for a one night stay. And hotels don’t like families of six. And GPS thingies don’t work. And hotel pools are murky. And two-year-olds do not take naps away from home. And little kids will. not. go. to. sleep. in hotel rooms. And that when kids need to go to sleep, the adults must also. And “free hot breakfast” is one waffle iron for 100 breakfast-eaters. And packing up a hotel room takes two hours.

But Wildlife Safari was nice (partly because we didn’t pay full price), and the pictures are lovely.


Rebecca said...

I feel ya on the hotel room thing. It is so NOT fun being in a hotel with children. We've only spent three nights in hotel rooms since we've had children and those three nights were all the same. Kids tucked in by 9. Parents not able to talk. Lights had to be out. Couldn't go play pool together. Couldn't go swim together. Couldn't get a drink at the bar together- because we couldn't leave the children alone. So we wound up playing cards in the hallway and then going to bed at like 9:15. :-(

But atleast you had an uber-cool safari to enjoy the next day, which was more than I could say for myself. Once was for a funeral and twice was for a church retreat. FUN.

momof3girls said...

I loved this post! It is so true! I only have 3 children and mine are older than yours, but we've always traveled a lot. Mostly international. I have to say, it does get easier. lol! I do remember being in your shoes. Don't give up. :)