Monday, October 28, 2013

A Soldier, A Sailor… (And a TARDIS?!)


I’m terrible at planning Halloween costumes. I don’t know why. Thanks to Amazon Prime, Levi got a white tie to turn his dress clothes into the closest we could come to gangster. Luke and Leif raided Poppy’s “museum” and sported authentic WWII uniforms, if a bit mismatched. (Would you believe Luke could barely get those pants buttoned? What kind of tiny kid was fighting in WWII?! You should see that boy strut around in that uniform. The navy top (I don’t know what it’s called) was long in the sleeves for Leif, but he could hardly get his arms and shoulders through the torso of that thing.)

But this year I did manage to buy one costume, one darling costume, way ahead of time. I even killed two birds with one stone by giving it as a birthday gift—for the dress-up bin, you know. And then, and then…I lost it. How does one lose a mermaid costume?! I have no idea, but I managed to accomplish it.

So…impromptu cowgirl it was. At least she made a really cute one.


This, THIS, is the Lola I wish you all could get to know.

She is sunshine. And rainbows. And a dance party. And crème brulee. And a bear hug. And giggles. And sparklers. And…

She’s so cute I could cry.


So we headed off to “Trick My Trunk” at church this morning. And, lo and behold, the Doctor was there.

It had to be Levi’s favorite moment of the year. Russ and the boys are thinking they should build one for Levi’s birthday.



Kellie said...

I haven't lost anything as important or big as a costume (yet), but last year I lost a collection of bath products I intended to put in the girls' stockings. I ended up putting a bottle of my shower gel in one stocking and told the girls I'd give them the "real" gift when I found it, but almost a year later I'm still looking. : ) It's amazing we can home school our kids, hmm?

Hannah said...

Oh, I have to show this to Ian! That last photo of Levi is particularly wonderful. He has successfully passed along the Dr. Who fever to Ian, just in time to enrich our experience of living in Dr. Who-land. :-)

ohio12 said...

I have to comment on the size of those uniforms! My husband has his grandfather's WWII navy uniform (just like yours) and it is SO tiny! We were trying to figure out if it had gotten cleaned and shrunk somewhere along the way. His grandfather was not a large man, but this seems like it would fit a ten year old! Any theories on why this might be?

Anonymous said...

I think Lola made a MUCH cuter cowgirl than a mermaid. Just my opinion. Grandma