Sunday, November 10, 2013

Another Beautiful Family

Pickens Family

I met Mindy over three years ago when she was Leif’s first Classical Conversations tutor. She was Luke’s tutor during our second year. Mindy generously shares not only her gift of teaching, but also of music by creating and recording songs for much of our memory work. I still remember the laws of thermodynamics and the definitions of a gerund and a pronoun from that first year thanks to her songs, and I couldn’t have completed memory masters the second year without her John 1:1-7 Latin song.

Since that first year, I’ve come to appreciate Mindy’s intuition and passion for ideas and education. I love hearing her thoughts during book clubs and practicums, as well as in groups online. I just wish I could attend her tutor training!


Hannah said...

It is such a huge blessing to a CC campus to have someone who is not only musically talented but also generous with those gifts. Like you, we owe our Memory Master achievements at least in part to the efforts of a mom or two from our campus who set some facts to memorable tunes!

Shannon said...

Amazing pictures of a beautiful family! Love, love!