Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Andrew Kern on Rest and Assessment

For those of you eagerly waiting for me to organize and share my notes from the Andrew Kern seminars I attended, I have exciting news. CiRCE is releasing the video of the Medford seminar, so you are able to hear exactly what I heard. This is the first video in a six part series.

CiRCE also has an audio version of his talk, Assessment That Blesses. The audio version is a focused talk, which is wonderful if you are specifically needing to hear more complete (and linear) thoughts on the subject. The conference in Medford was more interactive, therefore more rabbit trails were taken. [grin]

I’d love for a few of you to watch the video and then join me for a conversation in the comments!

Have you listened to Andrew Kern before? Sometimes his ideas take a while to sink in. I was slightly overwhelmed the first time I listened to him. I think it was this interview (without the benefit of the visual presentation):



Hannah said...

I had to grin at your description of Andrew's speaking style … or rather of a contrasting style: "focused," "linear," etc. Whereas the talk you went to was interactive and contained rabbit trails. And slightly overwhelming. Yes, that articulates my own experience of attending a seminar with him last year as well.
I came away both inspired and frustrated at the content and style … but I have to say, over a year later, some of the things he said STILL percolate inside. I experienced a couple paradigm shifts that have been lasting, and those were worth the brain cramps that I experienced at the time! :-)

Kate said...

I still haven't managed to listen to the whole thing to be able to comment thoughtfully, but I just wanted to point you to the interesting conversation they've been having over at ordo amoris on these videos. I'm looking forward to listening all the way through!