Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

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::  Wisdom and Virtue are Best Learned at Home — A Response to Criticism @ Sandbox to Socrates. Whoa. And more whoa. Because I’m eloquent like that. This is a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, stirring, impassioned, articulate rebuttal to an article (on CiRCE, no less) about classical education. Check out the article and comments at CiRCE, as well. Much food for thought here. It plays to both sides of issues I’ve been thinking about lately, one of which is this: does criticism sting more when it’s close to home and we’re harboring doubts and insecurities or does it sting more when it’s untrue?

I was going to share a quote here, but a quote won’t do. Go read the whole thing.

::  Scarlet Letters, Waking Up, and Social Engineering @ The Imaginative Conservative.

Again, I tried to find a quote to share, but you’ll have to click the link and read the article. It is surprisingly humorous (and the end is the best bit).

::  Every Life’s Telling @ The Rabbit Room. (I’ll share a quote on this one, but that doesn’t let you off the hook of clicking on the link and reading the whole article. Grin.)

"We understand life in the context of the language that we speak. We think in words and images that are attached to words. We even have words for the wordless emotions that enrich and complicate our human existence. We live in an economy that capitalizes on words—slogans and jingles, an endless stream of marketing enticing me to buy that, go here, be this. The words never stop. Yet we lack adequate language to tell our own stories in deep truth. This is true of the most articulate among us—language will always have its limitations."

::  Why the Romans Counted Backwards by Andrew Kern @ CiRCE. Want to know how to discuss literature? This is a great place to start.



::  The Surprisingly Short History Of The Plus Sign @ Fast Code Design.



::  Can You Catch These Common Grammar Mistakes? @ Huffington Post. Test your grammar skills on this 18 question quiz.

::  Vocabulary Test. This one is in an interesting format, and it took me a while to get comfortable with the typing for answers so I took it multiple times. The words are different each time.



::  Brilliantly Simple Intellectual Jokes @ 22 Words. Just for fun.



I am completely mesmerized by this visual and auditory masterpiece.

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Shannon said...

Just read the article you mentioned first! Whoa is right! And then the author from CiRCE that she is responding to comments with a humble apology. Very nice!