Friday, November 28, 2014

The Walk


I managed no photos of Thanksgiving dinner. I’m particularly disappointed that I didn’t snap a picture of my grandpa who is visiting from California. [I’ll be sure to get a picture this weekend before he heads home.] Having him here this week is a huge blessing. The whole family was present (my grandpa, my parents, the three of us girls with families, and Olive). Casey made the turkey on his Traeger grill. Holly made rhubarb pie. Shannon made bread dressing and rolls. Olive brought delicious mashed potatoes. We brought marionberry and pumpkin pies and our traditional jello salad. Mom made gravy and yams and pecan and apple pies. We also had ham, a veggie plate, and our traditional Martinelli’s sparkling cider.

It was rainy and dark for most of the day, but we took advantage of a short break in the precipitation for our traditional after-dinner walk. I snapped some pictures of Holly’s kids for Christmas cards.

There was a lot of game playing after dinner was cleaned up.

Oh, how thankful I am for my family.

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