Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys (who want to survive the apocalypse)

Christmas Gifts for Boys @ Mt. Hope Chronicles
If the apocalypse happens, I’m not leaving Luke’s side. In fact, I may not let him out of my sight for the next, oh, rest of my life. Hey, the kid is handy on the most average of days, changing light bulbs, mowing lawns, and performing other sundry tasks.

He just received the book Prepare for Anything Survival Manual and read it cover to cover. It’s astonishingly thorough with a very attractive layout, graphics, photographs, and graphic-novel-style scenarios. In the past 24 hours, he’s shared interesting facts such as the many uses of vodka and added a long list of things to his Amazon wish list. [He may be the only boy with both a candy thermometer and throwing-knives on his wish list.]

I’m not quite ready for the throwing-knives stage and I can’t get him vodka, but I’m so excited about the Ezzzy-Jig paracord bracelet maker. It can be adjusted to various sizes. Now he can make gifts for his brothers and friends. Arts and crafts? Check. I’m including Paracord Outdoor Gear Projects and various colors of paracord and buckles.

Add a multi tool and a roll of Gorilla Tape (both great stocking stuffers) to his paracord bracelet and he’ll be ready for anything.

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