Thursday, July 7, 2016

River Adventure

The River @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We didn’t set out on a hiking adventure this week, but we did soak up some nature and get some fresh-air exercise (well, the boys did at least).

Saturday, Russ took the kids to check out this new swimming hole and they had a blast, so we all went as a family on Monday afternoon. (I completely forgot my camera, so these are snapshots I took with my phone.)

On the River @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Russ and Lola took quite the trip down the river on inner tubes. Luke and Leif preferred to body surf the rapids.

Riding the Rapids @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesIMG_20160704_162259fRiding th eRapids 3 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And there was some rock hopping.

On the Rocks @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And two boys wrestling each other off of rocks into the water. [Watching with my modern-mother eyes, I almost stopped that activity until I realized it was exactly what I wanted them to be doing!! Child-led activities in nature that develop agility, stamina, balance, and strength! Between the wrestling and the swimming (especially against the current) and the climbing back up on the rocks, they got quite a workout.]

Physical Education @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I had some studying and planning to do for my upcoming week, so this was my view. It was better than staying home to work.

Hitting the  Books @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I think we’ll be back to this little spot often this summer!