Saturday, August 13, 2016

Thompson’s Flour Mill Adventure

Thompson's Flour Mill @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We went on a little adventure this past weekend and I’ll post about that next, but I decided against a hiking adventure this week. Instead we went with Holly, Ivy, and Daphne to tour Thompson’s Flour Mill in Shedd, Oregon, yesterday. Levi stayed in the truck with a bum foot (I took him to the doctor later that evening and discovered that he has three fractured metatarsals. Fun stuff.)

Thompson’s Flour Mill is a wonderful place to visit. Easy to find. Easy parking. Gorgeous scenery. Great hours. Multiple guided tours a day. Not busy. And FREE.

Our tour guide (we had her all to ourselves) was a retired school teacher, and she was excellent with the kids. She asked their names once and then proceeded to call them by name correctly for the full tour (over an hour and a half). The tour includes hands-on activities for the kids. They each had a chance to make the gears move.

Thompson Flour Mill 3 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And a chance to clean, grind, and sift flour by hand.

Thompson Flour Mill 4 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The mill is under some construction at the moment, but our tour guide started up the mill under electricity so the kids could hear what it sounded like and see the grain elevators and cleaners moving.

Thompson's Flour Mill 7 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesThompson's Flour Mill 5 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesThompson's Flour Mill 6 @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesThompson's Flour Mill 2 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The mill is the oldest water-powered mill in Oregon. The first mill was built in the early 1800s and then was destroyed by fire. Parts of this mill were rebuilt in the 1860s while Abe Lincoln was president. The silos were built in the early 1900s. It was a money making mill until 2002 (first milling flour, then animal feed, and lastly generating electricity).


Nancy said...

How fun! We just took the Bob's Red Mill factory tour in Milwaukie last week, which was really interesting. (Plus we went over to the "red mill" for lunch and shopping afterwards, which was delicious.) I'll keep Thompson's in mind for next time we visit!

Lady Jane said...

Hi Heidi, I love that you made it to Thompson Mills. The mill was owned by my Grandfather Orval Thompson in the 60's and 70's. I worked there during high school in the summer time, five days a week 10 hours a day. I actually weighed trucks and did moisture tests at the warehouse in Shedd. I even observed a Bank Robbery at the Shedd Citizen's Valley Bank across the street. (They never caught the robbers) I love that they turned it into an Interpretive Center.

Lady Jane said...

Grandpa's name was Myrle not Orval, that was his brother. I didn't think that sounded right.