Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas Family @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

My dear family. I adore them. We had the whole crew as always (including Drake and his wife, Jess) for Christmas. Olive and Little Ben are missing in the above picture, but they stopped by later in the afternoon.

We had breakfast and stockings at home (as usual) before heading to my parents’ house just down the road. We opened gifts there (we always take turns opening one at a time), and Mom had stockings for all of us.

Mom also knitted scarves for all the ladies. (Now Olive had arrived, but Sweden was napping.)

Scarf Ladies @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Then dinner. Shannon outdid herself on the tablescape. It was whimsical and so very lovely.

Christmas Dinner Table @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Forest animals. Felt teepees, wigwams, and toadstools. Ferns and branches. Little camp trailers and vintage cars carrying Christmas trees on their roofs. Beeswax candles.

Christmas Tablescape @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

So cheery. (The ceiling was covered in white lights and paper snowflakes.)

Christmas Dinner @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Bright laughter, good company, delicious food.

Christmas Feast @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

And then our traditional after-dinner walk. It had been a beautiful day of sunshine, and we hit the chill of sunset.

Christmas Walk Girls @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The three little girls above.

The complete Karstens family below. So nice to have Drake home from Chicago. He moves to San Diego (and Jess will join him there) in February for more schooling before landing at the Naval base in Washington in the late spring. We’re so glad they will be less than a day’s drive away.

Christmas Walk Karstens Family @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Christmas Walk Sunset Sky @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesChristmas Walk Silliness @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesChristmas Walk @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesChristmas Sunset @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Sweden, the doll of the family.

Christmas Walk Sweden @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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Rebecca said...

Of all the people I know, even in blogland, I think yours is the family that does holidays best. I love the details that you put into Christmas (and Thanksgiving, for that matter)- even down to white lights in the ceiling and name placards and present wrapping. It's all amazing. A lot of people would nix all the amazing ideas knowing how much work is involved 'just for a day'... but it does my heart good to see those things. It really sets things apart in a more monumental way. Makes the day more Holy. Well done!

And Merry (4th Day of) Christmas to all!