Wednesday, January 31, 2018

52 Hike Challenge ~ Hike 6: McDowell Creek Falls Loop

McDowell Creek Falls Loop Hike @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After our hike on Saturday, Holly and I agreed to meet up again on Sunday after church. Levi was working but I had the rest of the kids. Holly brought Casey and Ivy. Christina met up with us there. And we discovered three other families who had planned to hike there for the afternoon. And everyone else in the area thought it was a perfect day because the parking lot was packed.

All together, we had about 5 families hiking together on a fairly busy trail. We have hiked McDowell Creek Falls often, but this was the first time we had hiked the full loop of 1.6 miles. The day was absolutely gorgeous, and we enjoyed the company. When we returned to the parking lot, I was in the mood to take the loop again a second time. I bribed the kids and we timed ourselves from start to finish. Under 35 minutes. And some serious stairs and uphill trail in parts (the steep 140 steps to the top of Royal Terrace Falls are killer). It felt fantastic. I’d love to run that loop by myself once a week.

3.2 miles (1.6 x 2)

Moderate terrain (fairly easy plus a few steep stair climbs)

60 degrees and sunny

Hiking buddies: Luke, Leif, Lola, Holly, Casey, Ivy, Christina, plus 3 more families (about 14 people)

McDowell Creek Falls Loop @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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