Wednesday, March 7, 2018

52 Hike Challenge ~ Hike 13: Old Growth and Ridge Trails

Old Growth and Ridge Trail @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

[Hike #12 was a beautiful Saturday afternoon hike on February 24th at Talking Water Gardens with Holly and Ivy. I missed getting pictures with my camera, but we’ll return soon and I’ll share then.]

We met up at the Lewisburg Saddle Trailhead on Saturday (March 3rd) and hiked the Old Growth Loop and the connected Ridge Trail Loop (across the road) for a total of more than 3 miles and enough incline to make us feel we’d had a good workout. I think last time we met here, we hiked the Tower Trail Loop instead of the Old Growth Loop. I didn’t have the map last time and was playing follow the leader. [grin] Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out these networks of trails!

The weather had been sunnier in the morning, but it didn’t do more than lightly sprinkle on us for a short period during the hike, so that was a win. I had the three boys, and Holly had Ivy.

The trail was lovely, but all my pictures look gray and lifeless. The above picture is the best I could do.

[Lola was fishing all day with Daddy. She hauled all their fishing gear to the fishing pond in our “distressed” bike trailer, so she had a workout as well. Russ, on foot, said he couldn’t keep up with her.]

Fishing with Dad @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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