Sunday, April 29, 2018

Classical Conversations | Challenge B | Mock Trial

Mock Trial @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I plan to share more about Luke and his Challenge B year in an upcoming post, but these are a few photos from Luke’s mock trial experience with his Classical Conversations class. The class was divided into prosecution and defense teams. Luke was assigned the role of bailiff for the defense team and prosecuting attorney with the prosecution team.

Most of the kids were able to attend and observe a high school mock trial competition early in their preparations, and a local attorney met with the kids to share his experience, answer questions, and inspire them. The teams met together outside of class for two months leading up to the mock trial competition.

Luke said this experience was his favorite class and activity of the year and he would consider joining a mock trial group in high school. That’s high praise from him. He also said he’d be interested in a career as bailiff.

Mock trial is an invaluable experience for these kids, and I am so proud of them!

Luke as bailiff:

Mock Trial Bailiff @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Prosecuting Attorney questioning his witness:

Mock Trial Prosecuting  Attorney @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

Luke’s Challenge B Class with the judge:

Mock Trial Team @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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