Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Family Vacation ~ Part 2 (Universal Studios and Harry Potter)

Universal Studios @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

After spending a beautiful two days at the Disney parks, we drove over to Universal Studios on Wednesday. The kids had never been there, and we had been looking forward to Harry Potter World.

It was a gorgeously sunny but cool day. The park was only open for eight hours, so we spent the first and last part of the day in Harry Potter World and midday in the rest of the park. We didn’t have time for the backlot tram ride, but we spent a couple hours repeatedly hopping on every ride on the lower lot without any lines.

Lola was a fantastic sport all week. She walked without complaint, stood in line without complaint, and rode every ride with excitement whether it was the little kiddie train ride in Fantasyland or the Tower of Terror (Guardians of the Galaxy—my least favorite ride in the three parks) or The Mummy (my favorite ride in the three parks—a short but fantastic mix of Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, and California Screamin’ (which, incidentally, was closed while we were there)). She’s completely fearless and old enough to go in the single-rider lines, so we took advantage of those all week.

Most of my pictures were taken in Harry Potter World. It was fantastic.

Universal Studios Hogwarts @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

The kids went on the rides multiple times without much of a line anywhere. The rollercoaster is so stinkin’ short that I wouldn’t want to wait in line for it, but it was great fun without a line.


Universal Studios Ollivanders @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesUniversal Studios Ollivanders Interior @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesUniversal Studios Owl Post @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesUniversal Studios Owl Post Interior @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesUniversal Studios Butterbeer @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We all enjoyed a mug of butterbeer. Isn’t the skyline dreamy?!

Universal Studios Harry Potter @ Mt. Hope ChroniclesUniversal Studios May 2018 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles


Amy H. said...

Our kids loved Universal Hollywood! Harry Potter world was fantastic.

Heidi said...

So much fun!