Thursday, July 12, 2018

52 Hike Challenge ~ Hike 32: Spencer Butte

Spencer Butte 4 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

[Hike #31 was homeschool day at Enchanted Forest with ALL the friends. We had so much fun last year that we couldn’t wait to go back this year. The park was full of gobs of people we knew, the weather was perfect, and the day was everything we could have hoped for. Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a hike, but we were in the woods and we walked and walked, so I’m calling it.]

I was dragging my feet the morning of this hike, June 8th. Rain was in the forecast and I wanted to stay in bed, but my best friend convinced me that the two of us should zip down to Spencer Butte and hike anyway. I’m so glad she did! It ended up being a gorgeous morning.

I had been avoiding Spencer Butte because I knew it was a heavily trafficked trail (which I hate), but we were there fairly early and we took the difficult trail up to the summit. It was the most difficult trail we have hiked yet, ascending 700 feet in a rugged half mile.

Spencer Butte 1 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

I think only one group of young people passed us on the trail up.

The trailhead sign had a picture of rattlesnakes, and I was a little paranoid about meeting up with one.

Spencer Butte 2 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

We had a lovely view toward the top.

Spencer Butte 3 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

As remote as the trail up had seemed, the summit was over-populated. It seems many people take the 1 mile moderate trail as an out-and-back hike rather than hiking the loop. On the way down on this longer moderate (wide and well-maintained) trail, we dodged people left and right.

And then it happened. A rattlesnake crossed the path in front of us. First snake, and certainly the first rattlesnake, we’ve seen on our hikes.

I’m glad we hiked this trail so we can check it off the list. I’m glad I spent a beautiful morning with my best friend. But I’d rather not hike this one again.

Spence Butte 5 @ Mt. Hope Chronicles

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