Tuesday, June 12, 2007

San Francisco

Levi and I spent some time last week looking up information about San Francisco after reading Maybelle the Cable Car by one of my favorite authors, Virginia Lee Burton. All of her stories and illustrations are wonderful, but I really enjoyed the history she wove into this delightful story.

It begins with a simple description of how the cable cars work (complete with charming illustrations) and continues with a short history of San Francisco in lyrical prose. The story then centers on the decision to end the cable car services and the citizen movement to save them.

Home went Maybelle...clingety clang...Ringing her gong and singing her song. Good news...ting ting...good news she sang. Our day's not's just begun.

Virginia Lee Burton's stories have captured the attention and love of so many children since Choo Choo was published in 1937. With two sons of her own, she knew just what sort of story would enchant a little boy.

It all started from watching the engines at Rockport Station. Almost every day we had to go down and see the trains come in and go out...and the engines switching the coaches and freight cars around. I always try my stories on the boys first. If they like them, I feel sure other children will.

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