Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Strawberries, Oh My!

On icecream:
On pancakes (with pure maple syrup and whipped cream):
In fruit smoothies:
In jars of freezer jam:
(in fruit salad, stirred into yogurt...)

We are bound by a small, sometimes magical fruit called the strawberry. This fruit has the power to make tears dry up, make friends with enemies, make sick people feel better, make the elderly feel younger by bringing back pleasant memories of days gone by, make acquaintances of strangers, and above all make little children smile. What other fruit has that power? --Marvin Brown


Sarah said...

YUM! Lovely pictures and I have a strange craving for a fruit smoothie now...hmmm...?!


carole said...

Where DO you find your quotes? I love them!

Heidi said...

Ah, the power of google. ;-) I just search 'quotes, topic' (replacing topic with whatever I want a quote about). I have loved quotes since I can remember and have journals full of them!