Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh, Levi

I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get ready for vacation. No more posts for a while, so I'll leave you with some 'Levitical Sayings.' (Which is what my grandfather named the crazy words or statements Levi says...)

I'm trying not to spoil the effect.

I hope the horses are at their normal feeding grounds.



I just snitched some of your Dr. Pepper. Are you aghast?

That car is seriously dirty. Let's take some cleaning supplies to their house.

(As Luke was crying when I was peeling off his band aid.) Don't complain Lukey. Face your fears!

I'm uploading jumps. (He was pressing buttons on a machine (they make a delightful beeping noise) then running down the hallway and jumping over the arm of the couch.)

(I told him that a noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or idea, and that we'd talk about persons first.) Can we just get to the ideas?

(He had listened to the radio theater production of At the Back of the North Wind and wanted to read the book. I foolishly told him that it was too big of a book for him.) Can't you let me try to read it one word at a time?

Bewitched. (What he said instead of 'watched' while reading his book. Then he asks...) What does bewitched mean?

(He was naming his stuffed animals and asked me what I thought he should name his dog. I suggested the name Langston.) Nah. That's too elegant.

(While reading The Family Pilgrim's Progress, we came across the character Apollyon. We looked up Revelation 9:11 where it says that Apollyon is a Greek name. Levi practically hit the ceiling and exclaimed...) I can read Greek?! (He gives me a huge hug.) Mom, now we know a word in Greek!!


carole said...

Ha! These are great. Do you keep a journal of them or do you just have an amazing audio memory? :) I need to jot down some of our latest funnies so that I don't forget them.

Heidi said...

My mom and my grandparents are always asking about the latest weird things Levi has said, so I try to make a note of them. If I tell my mom something funny she always asks me if I've written it down. :)

I'd be writing all day if I wrote *everything* he said that was funny or interesting, so I only do it on occasion.

LH said...

Enjoy the vacation - the Paris picture looks inviting !

Lisa~ said...

He is adorable! Kids say the darndest things!


Kerri said...

Those are great! Doesn't it make you wonder how they come up with it?


Renee said...

Your oldest son reminds me of my oldest son. His comments are priceless!

Jennefer said...

Tonight at Bible study small group I told the girls about the "I snitched your Dr. Pepper. Are you aghast?" and they laughed until Dr. Pepper just about came out all their noses! How very precious your little Levi is. Thanks for making me (and the girls in my group) smile!