Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas @ Home

( Making up for my lack of photos lately...)

Above, my view from the couch while relaxing on Wednesday.

Below, Christmas Eve buffet with some of my favorite people... the in-laws. Thanks, Ron and Haley!

Christmas Eve Buffet

After dinner, we met my parents downtown at a gorgeous old church for a community carol sing.
It was freezing cold, so they passed out blankets....
(I wish I had photos of the exterior. Maybe I'll head down there and take photos some time soon.)

Carol Sing

Christmas morning: the boys opened stockings at home before we all headed down the road to my parents'.

Delicious breakfast: quiche, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, hot cider.

The reading of the Christmas story by the grandkids.

Much gift unwrapping: Drake built a stomp rocket for the boys. Ilex sketched a beautiful bird and framed it.
Homemade cookie dough, jam, goodies, dried apples. Shannon and Ben purchased soccer balls for needy kids in the boys' names.
Grandpa and Grandma bought the grandkids a Wii (GASP!). Lots of thoughtfulness wrapped up so beautifully.

Christmas Morning 2

Togetherness: Drake and Casey playing their guitars.
Ivy and Luke playing with animals in a barn. Levi snuggling with his sick Ilex on the couch.

Christmas Day

Christmas Beauty

Dinner, glorious dinner: Smoked turkey, ham, bread dressing, garlic potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, homemade bread, candied yams, lime creme souffle, and sparkling cider.

Christmas Dinner

Tradition: A family walk just before sunset. Invigorating fresh air.

Family Walk

Christmas Walk

And games and dessert, of course. Good times.

Christmas Games


Timi said...

Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!!

Skeller said...

Oh Heidi!
I adore these warm (and cold - literally speaking, of course!), love and family-filled photos. What a beautiful documentation of your week. And I totally smiled when I saw the first photo and wondered immediately if you took it Wednesday afternoon :-). Your home was so so so very wonderful and homey and your couch was just begging me to sit down, curl up and talk books, school and life with you all afternoon... ;-)

Thank you oodles for the books!!! You're speaking my "love language". I'm looking to start When we were... this afternoon. :-)

Happy New Year to you all,

Mon Cheri said...

Absolutely LOVING! your pictures of our last two days together. (Mine were so bad I could hardly find a few to put on my blog posts.Indoor lighting with too much blur!) But such a good time was had by all.

Tabitha said...

Beautiful and inspiring pictures, as always!!! I love that shot of the tree with all the gifts underneath--everything looks so bright and charming!!
Sounds like you did a lot of celebrating and memory making! Merry Christmas!!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

My brother's name is Drake, I don't hear it very often... I truly enjoyed your photos, and felt like I'd been welcomed into a precious day- thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas- wonderful holidays to you and yours

Heasleye said...

Looks like you had a lovely, beautiful, family-filled Christmas! You and your family have such gorgeous homes. Much happiness to you in 2010! Maybe this year we will actually meet?! :)


PS - Lime creme souffle? Can you share it, pretty please? :)

Aja Jenise said...

What a beautiful and xozy holiday yoy enjoyed together... thank you for inviting us in...

Heidi said...

Elaine~ I'll be very disappointed if we don't meet up sometime very soon. :) Okay, for the lime creme souffle, I posted the recipe a long time ago. Here is the link: I don't think I use jello or cool whip for any other recipe, but this mousse-like jello salad is an unbreakable tradition at our family holiday meals. We always have orange (my personal favorite) for Thanksgiving, lime for Christmas, and lemon for Easter. Raspberry is particularly delicious for Valentine's Day or July 4th. :) I've made strawberry before, but we all prefer the tangier flavors. (I always use OJ in the recipe, but also add in a small amount of straight lemon or lime juice when making those flavors.)

Heasleye said...

Heidi - Thanks for sharing the recipe link. I had to ask because in the picture it looked just like what my family has always called "Pear Salad," which isn't a salad at all. It is SO similar to your recipe, but I've never tried it with the various flavors. It has always been a holiday staple in our family as well, and also about the only reason I ever purchase jello or cool whip! :) Our version uses lime jello, cream cheese, cool whip and canned pears/pear juice, and that's it. I've found the food processor to make a very smooth version, which I like. I'll have to try your orange version some time. Let me know if you'd like the pear variation! :)

katherinemarie said...

What a gorgeous collection of winter-wonderland and sweet Christmas photographs!!! Serious eye candy!

Karen said...

Oh Heidi, I can only hope to be able to capture my family in this way one day. I have some questions for you about your shots- Like the walking one- did you get right on the ground to get that angle of the road?? And what setting/lens do you use for the up close flower pic??
I have been shooting in auto and tried a few on S with the speed at 200 to capture the kids moving around. Also, as much as I played with it I could not find the right setting for a glowing Christmas tree or candle light service- what do you find works best??
Merry Christmas,
Karen Evoy

Karen said...

Oh and one more thing, Is there a black and white setting you use on these D90's? or do you switch it over in photoshop??



Heidi said...

Elaine~ That's hilarious! Does your version taste like lime or pears? It seems like the lime flavor would over-ride the pear. Either way, I'm sure it's delicious!

Karen~ Yep, I was flat on my stomach. :) I only use my 18-105mm lens, so that is what I took the flower photo with. I also almost always use the 'running man' setting (I am *seriously* not technical when it comes to photography... SHAME on me!), so that is also what I used on the flower photo. And what I would use (without good results) for a candlelight service or glowing Christmas tree. Technical skills are on my must-get list for 2010. :) I always do the B&W processing in PS. My favorite is the Bitchin B&W action from Totally Rad Actions with 50% Boring Sepia (TRA, also).

Heasleye said...

Somehow, the pear/lime is pretty balanced. You boil the lime jello in the pear juice from the can of pears (I buy pears in light syrup). Then when it's partially set, you blend everything together, so it's limey and peary and yummy! :)