Saturday, January 9, 2010

Field Trip #10 and The Saturday Seven

Puppet Theater

For our first field trip of the new year, the older two boys and I attended the first
of the local Children's Performing Arts series.
We watched the Tears of Joy Puppet Theater perform Rumpelstiltskin.
Very entertaining. The boys loved it!! (And they were very well behaved, thankyouverymuch.)


As I briefly mentioned earlier, this year I will be using Saturdays here on the blog as my accountability tool.
Diligence is the key word, and I've got a lot of things to be diligent about!
Maybe if I know I'll be seeing my progress in print at the end of the week, I'll be just a little more motivated.

2010 ~ Week 1

{1} Days Walked/Ran: 5
(This was week 12. Right now we are going a little over 4 miles, running at least 1 of those,
adding in some arm exercises and stretching at the end. About an hour.)

{2} Dr. Peppers Consumed: 0 (Drinking 1 liter of green tea and 1+liter of water daily.)
(The longest I've ever gone without a Dr. Pepper (like, in 20 years) is 10 days, just to give you an idea what this means...)

{3} Pounds Lost: Big Fat 0
(After 3 months of walking/running and a week off Dr. Pepper I can tell you that isn't very encouraging....)

{4} Daily Reading (Bible, A Year With C.S. Lewis, Intellectual Devotional): On Schedule
(I've *never* stuck with a yearly Bible reading plan before, so I have some serious diligence issues here.)

{5} Days of Math with Levi: 5
(This is where I'm completely honest and say that Levi and I REALLY struggle with math. Can't we just read all day?)

{6} Intentional Reading: Finished Don Quixote (retold by Martin Jenkins),
read Catching Fire cover to cover, began Jack: A Life of C.S. Lewis (by Sayer).

{7} Made it to family swim night at the pool with the boys!
(These boys really need some consistent swimming time/instruction.)


carole said...

Wow! Impressive!!! Especially the substitution for the Dr. Pepper. And remember that you might be converting to muscle mass which weighs more ...

I have to email you about math. I find even doing 4 lessons a week to be quite rigorous. Wondering about the curriculum's rigor (I love it, but ...).

Anonymous said...

From Tera: As a person with a master's degree in health and physical education, and coaching....I can say, that it doesn't matter if you've lost "pounds" after all your hard work. Muscle weighs more than fat, and you are getting fit! Your core is stronger, your heart is stronger and I'm sure your stamina is increasing. Your blood sugar levels are improving (thanks to less Dr.P :)...and you should be SO SUPER DUPER PROUD of yourself. You're a gorgeous lady!

Heasleye said...

Awesome week, Heidi! Way to go! I've been thinking about doing something just like accountability "tally" of sorts on the blog. Will you pick various things for each week, or will you stick with these and maybe add to them? Would you mind some "conversation" about these items, with some sharing of my own? As an iron sharpens iron sort of thing?

I got out for three days of walking/running...want to increase that to four.
I'm a water drinker, but need to do some more.
I may not weigh until the end of the month. Before Christmas I had lost 15, though (over a few months - not fast!).
Bible reading...I'm not following a "plan," but Seth made me a handy-dandy, simple chart and I'm checking things off as I go. I'm pleased with my progress. I've been reading out of Genesis, Matthew, Psalms and Proverbs.
Days with math...last week was a "transition" week...yeah, that's what we'll call it. Math? 1 day. Bleh.
Reading...I'm enjoying it, but I'm frustrated at the seeming lack of speed. It feels like it will take me forever to finish anything! But I've started a "January Reading Round-up" post and plan to share what I do read at the end of the month.
Swimming! Yay! :) Ethan had a meet in Newberg today and managed three "A" times in all three of his races!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Heidi said...

carole~ I keep telling myself that, but I was also hoping that my jeans wouldn't be as tight... Oh, and email me about math. I'd love to complain, I mean discuss it. :)

Tera~ Thanks. :) I know I'm reaping lots of benefits (even if it just means getting fresh air and chatting with Shannon for an hour every day!). Just would like to *also* lose a couple inches. Can't wait to go shopping with ya!

Elaine~ YES!! I'm so glad you commented and would love to share back and forth either here, on your blog, or email (or all 3 :)). I'm going to keep documenting the same things so that I can be consistent, but I might add in a few more over time. When and how far do you walk/run? 15 pounds is awesome!! Are you just increasing your excercise, or have you changed your diet as well? I know that I need to change things other than the Dr. P consumption, but I LOVE to eat. Sigh.

LOL about Seth's chart. I had already decided to use his simple Bible reading plan that he posted on his blog. Since I was a couple chapters into Mark, I kept going there for NT, but I'm in Genesis and Psalms, too. :) I'm just making pencil marks by the chapters as I finish them. So far, it's working! Transition week, I love it. :) And math is always BLEH, even when it isn't a transition week... I'm looking foward to hearing about your reading. And, swimming. Well, my hubby was a swimmer and then coach, so we'd really like to be a swim team family. I have sooooo enjoyed your posts about Ethan's swimming. Russ has read several of them, too. That is what got me motivated to get Levi back into the pool!! It sounds like Ethan is doing REALLY well. I'm so proud of him!

Mirjam said...

And I totally understand why you are so proud of Levi! Adam really dislikes math. I'm still not sure how to work on this issue :((

Did you quit eating/drinking sugar too? I found that that was helping me a lot to lose weight (and feel really great!!)..