Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Seven

Sunrise (2)

Daylight. It is a precious thing at 6 am.

2010 ~ Week 8
(Yes, I've missed a couple.)

{1} Days Walked/Ran: 4
I walked 4 on week 6, then had a week off when Russ was out of town.
We were back in the swing (sorta) this week.

{2} Dr. Peppers Consumed: I have no idea. Less than one a day, though. (Smile.)

{3} Blah, blah, blah....

{4} Daily Reading (Bible, A Year With C.S. Lewis, Intellectual Devotional): Still plugging along.
(Finished Matthew and Exodus.)

{5} Days of Math with Levi: 4?

{6} Intentional Reading: Finished Shakespeare: The World as Stage by Bill Bryson, meandered through Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson, Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, and Nurture by Nature by Teiger, and began The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Dilemma.

{7} No pool for a while. We were on vacation (with no pool at the!), Russ was gone, and the boys spent this Friday evening at Knights of the Realm (staged jousting tournament).

Though the circular round-and-round of routine be the bulk of life's affairs,
make an occasional jutting diversion - of fun, love, or something that will outlast you -
so the shape and motion of your life shall resemble the round lifegiving sun
with bright rays shining forth from all directions.

~Destin Figuier



Barb said...

Heidi, you're reading a year with c.s. lewis. is that daily readings from his classic works or reading for meditation and reflection (both by him)? I am approaching my 50th and am composing a list of 50 things to do in my 50th year. one is immerse myself in lewis. what would you recommend? thanks for keeping up with such wonderful inspiration in your blog. mine has dried up!

Heidi said...

Barb~ This is my second time through A Year With C.S. Lewis, and I can't recommend it highly enough. It has excerpts from Mere Christianity, The Weight of Glory, The Screwtape Letters, The Problem of Pain, etc. His writing is such that a simple paragraph or two is worth mulling over for a day. I love having that chance to slow down and really let the thoughts digest. The biography I read was incredible (Jack: A Life of C.S. Lewis by George Sayer). Are you planning on reading any of his fiction? Have you read his Space Trilogy?

Barb said...

i just finished the space trilogy for the third time, last month. love it! I plan to read as much as i can (fiction and non) and read the narnia to my 5 yo.thanks for the recommendations

Hannah said...

I've read the first two Mysterious Benedict Society books, and my son is about to receive the third (the oe you're starting) from my mom. I totally plan to steal it and read it first! They're great fun.

Thanks for the CS Lewis recommendation. I've been wondering which of his adult books to tackle first, and the title you mentioned sounds like a nice amalgam. :-)