Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weekend Get-Away


We managed to get away on a mini trip to Seattle this past weekend.
Russ had a class up there all week, so we went early and did a little bit of sight-seeing.

Things are always much more simple in the initial wave of inspiration.

We ended up having to drive two vehicles.
I thought there was a pool at the hotel. The boys were ecstatic. Then no pool.
Sunday was overcast, and then it rained.
Keeping 3 young, fearless boys reigned in in a major city took both parents and all hands. Hence very few pictures.
I hate driving in big cities. I really do.
A hotel switch the second night. Smaller room. Still no pool.
Russ headed to his class on Monday.
I took the boys to the hotel's restaurant breakfast buffet. Lamaze breathing necessary.
And then the 4 hour drive home without Dad. Sigh.

On a positive note:
I'm glad we went.
The boys enjoyed seeing the Space Needle.
They really enjoyed the short monorail ride.
We visited two science museums.
The boys are great car-riders, all things considered.

And we are really glad Dad is coming home tonight.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, poor you. That sounds stressful to me in so many ways! Now I need lamaze breathing just imagining it all! Go to the beach tomorrow, I hear it's sunny there and Jake and family will be there :) I'll pray for you thru the weekend. ~Tera

Anonymous said...

Heidi, my husband and I are both from Washington and became engaged up at the Space Needle :) Wishing it had been more "restful" for all, however thanks for highlighting the bad and the good-keeping it real! ~Connie (in Tualatin)

Laurel said...

oooooh a Mommy Moment if there ever was one. Good on you girl!

Colleen said...

What???!!! I really can't say how much I wish I would've known about this excursion. We would have loved to hook up ~ and could have done so easily, since we went down to Tacoma on Saturday and stayed for a few days. You could've come on the Theo chocolate factory tour with us! (Just posted about that on my blog.) Sniff, sniff...