Saturday, April 10, 2010


Leif ~ 6 Months

The nesting instinct must be kicking in. Between early pregnancy nausea and fatigue and the BLACK background, I was having a hard time getting inspired here at Mt. Hope Chronicles. If I had the choice between blogging or sleep, sleep always won. I apologize for the scant number of posts in the past couple months, but my energy and positive attitude (and appetite) are finally starting to return. Look for more activity around here in the days, weeks, and months to come.

So, the biggest news: I'm about 14 weeks pregnant with #4 (for those who didn't catch the hint at the bottom of the open house post). I'm positive God knows what He is doing, even if I can't see the big picture some days. The boys are ecstatic to be getting a new sibling. We'll find out (I hope) in 6 weeks whether we're adding a girl or boy, but statistically we're likely to have another boy. I'm in for it....

In my sketchy absence, I totally missed my 3rd blog anniversary in February. Three years of Mt. Hope Chronicles. Good grief. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this adventure. Above is a picture of Leif posted in that first month of blogging. He was 6 months old (I'm starting to get baby fever!!). Below is a current picture of my littlest guy. Yeah, he's changed a bit. And he's going to be a big brother in less that 6 months!

So, with each blog anniversary that has passed, I've made little changes to 'the look' around here. There is a little less time to be messing around with aesthetics at the moment, but you might see a few more small changes over the next short while.

You might also have noticed that my Saturday Seven diligence accountability posts have dropped off the face of the earth. I had no idea I was heading into pregnancy when I set myself up. Sigh. I will say that my sister and I have been walking (or exercising indoors in inclement weather) consistently (usually 5 days a week!) all of this time. I'm REALLY proud of us.

Lessons with the boys have been tough, but we're hanging in there. I have quite a few catch-up posts in the works. Reading (both daily and intentional reading) has gone the way of blogging: if it's a choice between reading or sleeping, I choose sleeping. I've managed to finish up a few books, though, and need to post reviews. We missed family night at the pool for several weeks due to unavoidable conflicts, but we made it back last night and enjoyed ourselves.

Hmmm. What am I missing? I guess I'll leave it at that, for now, and try to pick up the pace around here. This blog serves as a family journal, of sorts, and I miss documenting the little things that make up a full, lovely life.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Leif ~ 3 1/2


~beautyandjoy~ said...

I love the new background so much - I think it makes you pictures pop out even more! (If that is even possible with how much they stand out so beautifully already.)

I think choosing sleep makes you a very wise woman. I hope you only feel the best you ever have this pregnancy!

Congrats on three years and four cute photo subjects... we can't wait to see the fourth! :)

Simply Me... said...

Love the new look... have been here in a while shame on me:)


Mon Cheri said...

Ooo, yes, love the new color and heading. Looks like baby fever to me.:)

Jennifer said...

Heidi, I am so happy for you! Congrats to you and your whole family!

I love the new look. The green header... perfect!


carole said...


Look at those cheeks!

K-Sue said...

Congratulations! Sleep all you can.

Carrie said...

That is so exciting!

Love the new look! ;)

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I almost thought that was a picture of you as a baby. Guess who looks like who? I do remember you that age. Love the update of Leif!! and the new heading. Grandma

Jilly said...

Ah, in first trimester of pregnancy, nothing is as important as sleep. Glad you were sensible to let a few things go and get plenty of it.

Anonymous said...

Take good care of you. Destiny

Sweet Bouquets said...

Heidi....I do believe the "new look" is leaning toward a "girlish look"!!!! Very Nice!

Heidi said...

Grandma~ Too funny. Mom and I are always saying that Leif looks the most like me....

Kristi @ Creative Kristi said...

Apparently the "hint" was lost on me lol & I'm pregnant too so I'm usually thinking everyone is pregnant! I think I just thought 'oh they are planning on another sometime!'
Anyway CONGRATS! I had noticed the drop-off/change in posting and was a bit sad about it but now I can't imagine you handling life any other way- sleep is crucial & I know how those first few months usually = sick, sleep, yuck lol

Molly Anne said...

Wow everything looks so nice and light - perfect for babies as well as spring.

Wow!! On blogging for three years! I have really enjoyed myself and my visits here, reading about books and family and schooling, and having my jaw fall open at all your beautiful photos. I've been very inspired.

And I just shared your blog with a friend and since she's a homeschool mom as well she was THRILLED to see all that you have to offer.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Skeller said...

I like the new look (yup, moving furniture around is totally part of that whole nesting thing, right?!?). And I'm so glad you're starting to feel more like your regular self. That last pic of Leif? - wonderful!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your wee one (the wee-est!). I am so excited for your beautiful, wonderful family. I too am pregnant with #4, but I am a few weeks ahead of you.

I am also, selfishly, excited to hear that your posts will become more frequent (as your time allows) because when I found your blog a few months ago, it quickly became a favorite--but I have made my way through the archives already and want MORE. (See? YOUR fault.)

Congratulations again!

Heasleye said...

What a delicious baby photo! I mean, those cheeks! Come on! :) And the high chair - love it.

Yay for choosing sleep, whenever you can. :)


Aja Jenise said...

Love the update and revamp here. I am glad to hear your feeling better. Love to you and yours Heidi!!

Renee said...

I just hosted a baby shower tonight! Congrats, how exciting! Hope you get your energy back soon!

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...


Congratulations on the new arrival. I always enjoy reading your post seeing your eye in whatever you put your hand to.

I know it's probably been tough. I'm glad your feeling better.

That is just a beautiful picture of Leif.

Just think of all the images you will have fun creating with this new little one.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I don't read blogs much these days, but yours is one of my favorites. It's always inspiring, always beautiful, always thought-provoking... ALWAYS lovely!

Reading your blog was the final push I needed to make the jump into homeschooling my own kids. I think it will be the grandest adventure indeed. :) Happy and healthy 9 months to you.