Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Day of Christmas Joy

Cinnamon Buns

Christmas morning.

I made Land of Nod Cinnamon Buns. Russ made eggs and sausages. All washed down with OJ. YUM!

Christmas Morning

Stockings in PJs. (Lola stole Mommy's Twizzlers.) Lola went down for a morning cat-nap. Got dressed for our day. Opened a few gifts. A couple minutes of playing.

Boys on Christmas Morning

Tried to make the 1 hour task of getting out the door take only 15 minutes. Failed. A few melt-downs. But we managed to drive two country miles down the road and arrive at Bambi and Poppy's house, where all my family was assembled.

Christmas Tree

Russ, Heidi, and Bon Bon

Sugar Plum. Or Bon Bon. Take your pick.

Daddy and Bon Bon


Bambi and Poppy

Shannon and Holly

Ilex and Drake

It wouldn't be Christmas without Holly and Ivy:

Holly and Ivy


Passed out all the gifts.

Lola and Leif


Opened one at a time.

Mommy and Sugar Plum

Leif and Ilex

Played with Daddy's new toy while dinner was being readied.

Boys and Toys

Set the table after the front living room was disassembled and turned into a dining room.

Drake Setting Table

Ilex Setting Table

Ate spiral ham, cheese potatoes, bread dressing, yams, broccoli salad, creamy lime jello salad. Washed down with mango-apple sparkling cider.

Christmas Dinner

Spent the evening working on dishes, puzzles, napping, guitar playing, and eating pie.


Ended the day on a fabulous NOTE.

Ilex and Violin

Sang along with Ilex on the violin, Drake on the keyboard, and Casey on guitar. While the little people put money in their open cases...


A beautiful day wrapped up in a sparkling bow.


Susan said...

The pictures are lovely. I didn't get a single decent picture yesterday. Oh and I want your family !

Skeller said...

Heidi -
your family holiday posts are ALWAYS my favorites - they're always filled with such beauty and LOVE. and this year, baby girl Lola is the icing on top of it all...
Merry Christmas (a day late) to you all ... :-)

Skeller said...

ps. reading another new book - The Help. Just a few pages in, and I'm in deep-like. Knock me over with a feather ... two books in a row that I'm enjoying immensely. :-D

Jamie said...

Your pictures capture that special,beautiful moments in your families eyes.Have a safe New Year!!!!!!!

Heasleye said...

Lovely photos! Gorgeous family! Happy New Year, dear Heidi!


Timi said...

What a beautiful family you have!!! Great photos!!

Shell in your Pocket said...

What beautiful wrapping on your gifts~

Amazing pictures!

Having a for you to come over~

sandy toe

carole said...

You look lovely! I love your pretty brown shirt.

Misha said...

Oh your little sweetie pie - and YOU. I am swooning at all the beauty.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I LOVE your pics! they are just lovely.

Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!

Savannah McQueen said...

Lovely family, lovely pictures, lovely post!

Karen Anderson said...

Heidi, this post & photos are like paging through a classic, older Victoria Magazine, holiday issue! Only better, as this wasn't staged. Just a real family enjoying Christmas together with love, joy and a whole bunch of charm & flair!! Just LOVELY. :-)