Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Burger

First Burger

We love to eat out. LOVE to eat. Especially out. Between the job situation and the baby situation, eating out hasn't been as high on our list the last couple months. I won't pretend we haven't been relying (heavily) on prepared foods or take-out, but dining IN occasions have been sparce.

So it was a big treat for the whole family to head to the old downtown district and eat at First Burger. It is one of my favorite places! A lovely, bright, clean, colorful space with great food. The decor is a mix of bold graphic design, retro, industrial, and American farm. Super classy.

First Burger (2)

First Burger (3)
First Burger features natural, local ingredients. The burgers are fabulous (I had a LOADED one), as are the sweet potato fries. The food is a great value for the budget-conscious, as well. What a bonus!

First Burger (4)

The restaurant was packed over the lunch hour, but I managed to snap this shot of the family while the two tables behind us were in transition...

First Burger (5)


Anonymous said...

Oh yay, I see Boccherini's Coffee in the picture. My husband (boyfriend at the time) and I used to go there all the time when he was in college. I think we were some of their first customers when they first opened. Love that place. Is there still a little kitchen store next door?

Heidi said...

Boccherini's is now owned by the same couple who own First Burger, Sybaris, and Clemenza's...all on first street. And they are all wonderful!

The kitchen store has been out of business for a long time, sadly. I think it is a fly fishing shop now! (Might be mistaken, though.)

Audra said...

The photograph of your burger makes me weep. We've been 90% vegetarian for a while now but burgers still get me!

Faye said...

Tried it this summer and fell in love. We will be going back soon and taking my husband with us this time!

Molly Anne said...

I absolutely love sweet potato fries. And that burger with all the goodies and especially the avocado...looks amazing.

Now nice to get out once in a while! I finally went OUT to a movie the other night - first time in...probably two years.

Brandy said...

As if I didn't already want to live in your lush green part of the world. . .

now you show me how charming your downtown is!