Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Weekend in Pictures, Take 2

Flower Power

I'm finally getting around to posting the rest of our spontaneous weekend pictures. On the last day, Russ took the boys for a long swim at the pool while Lola and I made faces at each other, then she took a nap while I cleaned and packed.

The Many Faces of Lola
We got back on the road headed home. After a short park/baby feeding stop in Sisters, we drove up to the snow.

Mountain Scenery
Lola in Snow

Lola made a brief appearance to watch the boys do a bit of sledding, but she thought it was awfully cold. (Truthfully, it was rather warm for being in the snow!!)

Luke in the Snow
Lola was tired and Leif was done sledding, so we headed to the truck and Russ stayed with the big boys. Lola took a nap in her car seat and Leif kicked back in the driver's seat with Daddy's iPad. I didn't even know how to turn it on, but Leif is a whiz on that thing. He was rocking out to music, playing math games, and who knows what else.

We drove down out of the mountains and our stomachs were rumbling. Can't pass through Sweet Home without stopping at A&W.

Leif had sacked out in the truck.

Leif asleep

A & W
Lola was awake, though, and Levi loves hanging out with her.

Levi and Lola

And then it was home to quickly get unpacked and ready for an early Monday! The End.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Your posts always make me so homesick. A&W is the greatest, though I miss the original burger classifications. Baby burger, Teen burger, Mama burger, and Papa burger.

Lola is a doll!