Friday, January 14, 2011

My Little Love

Lola Love

15 Weeks

(and a smile!!)

My Love


Skeller said...

oh! those delicious, dimply thighs (oh that we appreciated such thighs on our own selves. sigh) and darling little piggies!

Dana D said...

There's really nothing more precious than baby legs! She's just darling!

Laurel said...

Well Helloooo Precious!

Anonymous said...

she's propped up in an upright position! and smiling! you must tell her to stop growing immediately.
and those leg warmers remind me of my early aerobic days with jane fonda....only hers are much more fashionalble!


Unknown said...

SO very sweet! Love the baby feet!

Mirjam said...

I can see why :)
(and still love the leg warmers ;))

Twisted Cinderella said...

Oh such a little sweetiepie!