Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today (and so many days) feels like one long, never-ending game of tug-of-war. Straining. Straining. Straining, just to gain an inch....only to lose five. And at the end of the day still no ground gained even though it feels like you've battled a whole army (or three little boys, which amounts to the same thing). Ever feel like that? Sigh.


Precision Quality Laser said...

Oh emphatically YES!

Only the battle doesn't end with the kids...count in the army of laundry mounting..the dishes...the dustballs...and the planning that goes into educating those kids. Yikes!

I hope your day goes more smoothly!

I try to remember this on days like today:

Isaiah 26:3
"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you,all whose thoughts are fixed on you!"

Anonymous said...

YES!!! And I am SO sorry you are there today too!

Last night I totally broke down and cried! We're kind of at a "crossroads" in our homeschooling after 3 years. Our oldest is turning 13 in April and is currently in 7th grade. We are trying to decided if he should attend a public high school.
Obviously it isn't what I want to do, but as he is getting older he is feeling that he is missing out on some things being in a public school environment. I've got all sorts of opinions on this as you can imagine...I hated every minute of high school! Anyways, if this is something that we decide to do I'm thinking he should go to 8th grade next year at the local school to kind of get in the groove of transitioning between periods, going to pe, making some new friends and adjusting...

And on top of that do we let the other kids go too??? or keep them home??? My brain is like jello today! :(

Heasleye said...

YES! My poor husband has been getting an earful from me nearly every day...multiple times on the the evening...ugh. Just getting through math and some grammar and some cursive and maybe some spelling is just about doing me in. My big plans for geography have been nearly non-existent. Schooling is so. hard. right now. And that makes everything else hard.

Last Sunday's sermon was about claiming our competence in Christ, because without Him, we are anything but. I'm still striving too much on my own power. Someday, I hope we will look back and feel this was all worth it!

carole said...

I am right with you. Some days even though technically we accomplished things, it doesn't look or feel like it. And other days, we really don't get anything done on the 'to-do' list and I feel badly and have to remind myself that snuggling a baby or reading books to the boys or taking a trip to the library - all these are accomplishments though the dishes might still be dirty in the sink.

I am having a hard time commenting, so ... sorry if you're getting duplicates from me!