Friday, February 25, 2011

A World Transformed

Waking up to White Branch Buds
Snow Day
Branches in Snow
Tree Trunk
Curly Willow in Snow


Precision Quality Laser said...

Wow! So guys got more snow than we did! Our's has melted away...

Great pics!

Skeller said...

oh my goodness. snow makes your yard positively magical! i'm gonna bet your boys are in heaven!

Sarah W. from AK said...

LOL! I checked out your blog this morning because it is snowing here and I was blue about spring being so far away. I thought, "I'll bet there are some nice springy photos there!" -grin- Well, at least you've given me a better perspective on the beauty of it. I hope you all enjoy your snowfall. :)

Beth said...

love that last one! beautiful

heather said...

Beautiful! The snow makes everything look a bit magical.

Mommabelle said...

Hi, I just found your blog, and popped in to say hello! Very nice!
We are a homeschool family too, and follow a similar philosphy, and I love to research and find new ideas all the time!