Friday, April 15, 2011

Life in Color

life in motion
I realized I haven't posted many photos of regular life lately. I guess that's because I've been too busy living it! {grin} But I was in the mood to snap a few today while we were working on lessons. I adore the photo above. It perfectly captures life right now. A blur of motion. The boys were marching around Lola while saying their memory work. She is so entertained by them, and their favorite activity is to entertain her.
Life @ Home 2
We do most of our lessons in the living room now. (When you live in a little house, there aren't many options...) The boys curl up and read or watch videos. We sit on the couch together to do our language arts books. We have two white boards which we use for spelling (the magnetic letter tiles) and grammar while the boys sit at the little white table. Our writing program is now on DVD, so Levi also works on that while sitting at the little table. I play all our memory work CDs while we review. Every surface is covered with books, every inch of space used. The school room is used mostly for storage and computers (on which the boys do their math and I blog).
Life @ Home Levi Reading
This is Levi's little wooden dagger. It goes perfectly with his wooden bow. I love his creativity.
Levi's 'Dagger' Boys @ Table
Since Lola isn't sleeping much lately (sigh) she spends most of her time hanging out with us. This exersaucer is so darn ugly, but it has saved my sanity with all four children.
Lola Playing
And I felt like taking a few pictures of 'pretties.'
I should have taken a close-up photo of the cool wreath my fabulously creative sister made for me with pages out of books. Next time. House Decor


Melody said...

great pictures :-) Had to chuckle when I saw the AAS cards on your desk. All my AAS cards were knocked off a shelf before bedtime last night by my 4 yr old and currently are still in a mixed up pile on the floor! lol "Real life" rocks! :-)

Melody W. Pasco WA

Anonymous said...

Love the red frame!
Living school, looks like my home, minus the dear little baby girl. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Amy Moore said...

I love these candid moments with the family! You can tell Lola is so loved by her big brothers, it warms my heart!


Jennifer said...

Love the wooden dagger. :) Looks like something my Peter would make. I think he and your Levi might get along quite well. :) So fun to watch their creativity!

April said...

Any exersaucer unattractiveness is definitely counteracted by the cuteness that is Lola. She is very close in age my my Leylah and reminds me of her.

April said...

*to* my Leylah

Anonymous said...

Your "fabulously creative sister" has a "fabulously creative sister"! Just look at those creative arrangements. Beautiful!! Grandma

Jessica Stock said...

I always love your house pictures, love your style!

jeana said...

I just love to see and read about your daily lives, and your home. So much inspiration packed in to one post!! Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your map set? I love that!!!