Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glamorous (and Handsome)


All dressed up and ready for a night on the town…. This is my niece, Ilex. (She’s grown up *a lot* since I first started posting pictures of her here on my blog, don’t you think?) Shannon and Ben took Ilex, Drake, and a group of their friends (classmates from this past year of Classical Conversations) up to Portland for a fancy dinner and good, clean partying.

We couldn’t miss getting photos of all of the glamour. And we had to have a little fun in the process, right? Chickens and diva attitudes are a must for modeling. Ilex’s best friend, Adelaine, got in on the action. (Unfortunately, I didn’t ask permission to post photos of the whole group, but I thought you all would enjoy these.)

Here’s Drake. (I’m pretty sure you’ll agree he’s changed a lot, too. In fact, is this even the same person?!!)


Here's Adelaine. She helps add some drama.

Adelaine being silly


Anonymous said...

your pictures of the kids are spectacular, as usual. I couldn't be more proud. They are just awesome kids :)
thanks for sharing the pictures...

Carole K.

Windhover Farm said...

Fun and beautiful pictures. An Adelaine! I have an Adelaine and I never-ever hear of another---Adeline and Adelaide but never Adelaine. I'm so happy to see another beautiful Adelaine.