Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sleep


After a rough start to her night, Lola slept 8 hours straight. Unfortunately, Luke was up for about 6 of those with, ahem, digestive issues. The other two he spent in my bed. Monday came waaaaay to early.

It was the first day of VBS. During a chaotic morning of checking in, Leif decided to be his shy-stubborn self. He apparently felt unprepared for a new adventure. I pointed out all the great panda and bamboo decorations. His comment? “But I don’t speak Chinese.” Sigh. I think this kid is going to be an over-achiever.

I was so ridiculously tired when I got home from dropping off the boys that I put Lola down for a nap then promptly put myself down for a nap in spite of the catch-up I needed to do from the day before, the endless current to-do list, and all the projects I hoped to accomplish while my boys were being entertained by someone else. Lola and I both woke up just as it was time to go get the boys again.

Highlight of the day: listening to the new VBS CD and in the rear-view mirror watching the boys do their new hand motions to a fabulous rendition of How Great Thou Art.

Braved Costco again to pick up a prescription. Braved the food court while we waited for our insurance to be processed. Crawled like a snail through my afternoon, accomplishing nothing. Made brownies to take to the BBQ this evening. Came back to the kitchen to find them mangled by a (three?) snitching boy(s).


We went to Shannon and Ben’s house for a BBQ dinner. A belated Fathers’ Day celebration to cheer up Dad while Mom’s gone.

Much of the day had been overcast, a muggy 80? degrees. The evening was a little cooler and sprinkled a drop or two of rain. It certainly wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits. The boys played and played and played like crazy people. Ben made lavender lemonade and burgers. We played our first of the season game of family softball. (Lola hung out on a blanket with Ivy. Levi was off in his own little world. Luke and Leif were awesome softball players.)

Shannon and Holly served strawberry shortcake (with heart-shaped shortcakes). Yeah. I have an awesome family.

I’m having great trouble uploading photos today. We’ll see if these two pictures work, and I’ll post more later.






Flopped myself in bed at 10, unable to stay up a minute longer. Feel asleep to the cool breeze coming in the open window and the patter of rain.

And I slept for hours. Thank you, God.

Luke didn’t wake up for, uh, business, until 4:30ish when Russ was up getting ready for work. He went right back to bed, Russ left for work, and I fell asleep again to the patter of rain accompanied by a multitude of birds singing (or it may have been angels). Lola didn’t wake up until after 6am, joined shortly thereafter by Luke. I had to wake Levi and Leif at 8am to get ready for VBS.

Another day begins.


Anonymous said...

I'm on Mom's ( Grandma's) computer while hanging out with Grandpa. Grandma is in town for a few things. Love the picture of Dad in the Coke outfit :) and the comments about your party.

Heidi said...

We missed you, Mom! Looking forward to having you back next week. :) Then we'll have to party again!

Beth said...

We're doing pandamania this year, too. It's fun. And there's no Chinese involved--! lol!Glad you were able to get some sleep!

Renee said...

Love your real life posts, Heidi! Soooo glad you got that nap. Sounds so much more important than the to-do list! I hope you get good rest this week!!