Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Day in the Life ~ Day 3

2am Lola wakes up. It’s really cold in her room and I realize her heater isn’t on. I turn on the heat and cover her up with the blanket.

4:50 Russ is up for his day.

5:30 Leif has a nightmare and climbs into bed with me.

6:50 Lola squeals. Oh, please go back to sleep baby. She must, because I fall asleep again.

7:45 Lola is up. She goes in her playpen with Cheerios and I put in a Bill Nye DVD for Luke. Levi’s reading on his bed and Leif is still asleep. I check email, turn up the heat, open the shutters. Ahhh, the house is all nice and neat.

8:15 Levi joins Luke (and Lola) for a story DVD (John Henry). I hop in the shower. I’m down 1.5 pounds. Ha! I decide that cookies and soda are good for me. {grin}


8:40 I get Lola changed, Levi works on math (Lola helps), Luke empties dishwasher, Leif is finally up and gets dressed.

8:50 Breakfast. We play the one note samba: scrambled eggs, sausage, and hot chocolate with whipped cream. Hot chocolate gets spilled all over. I get meat out to thaw for dinner.

9:20 Clean up. Boys ready for the day. I work on miscellaneous paperwork. Luke practices piano…


10:20 The boys do some assigned reading while I put Lola down for a nap.

10:45 The boys watch This is America, Charlie Brown on YouTube. I cut up apples for their snack. I eat a banana with almond butter.

11:15 Lola still isn’t asleep so we snuggle again.

11:30 We finally make it down to the studio. Luke does math. Levi writes a letter. It's so nice and clean down here! The benefit of having company...


12:15 Luke does some writing. We review Bible memory. My command station:


12:30 Our favorite person, April, arrives to clean our house. I only scratched the surface yesterday, so now it will be really clean! (Minus the school room/office, which is currently the dumping ground.)


1:00 Geography-map drawing. I don’t feel like searching for the tracing paper, so I put Luke up on the windowsill to trace his map on the window. He thinks that is just awesome. Lola wakes up. We do a little bit of grammar.


2ish I round up the kids and we head to grab a bite to eat (shhhh) and then go to the library. Lola has a large playroom at her disposal and she goes straight for a computer keyboard. Daddy’s girl. I pick out a bunch of books for the kids. Levi reads a book he had on hold. Leif plays. Luke looks up a wii game and books on the computer and places holds.


4ish (I stopped keeping written notes.) We’re home. April and I chat for a while while the kids run amok.

5ish Dinner prep while the boys watch a DVD from the library.

5:30 Russ is home.

6:00 We sit down to dinner. Two nights in a row. Fabulous. BBQ bacon-wrapped beef filets, spiced and roasted cauliflower, sauteed onions and peppers, and spinach/fruit smoothies. YUM!

6:30 Russ plays Playmobil with the kids in the front room, while I put food away.

7:00 I escape to the grocery store and a couple other quick errands while Russ is hanging out with the kids. Listening to Bonhoeffer on the ipad. (I have such a hard time listening to audio books. It goes in one ear and out the other. And Bonhoeffer isn’t an easy book… And I hate having things in my ears. C’est la vie.)

8:00 The boys are still playing with Playmobil when I get home. Russ is watching How It’s Made. (That’s such an interesting show! I remember loving watching how things were made on Mr. Rogers when I was little. Did you ever watch that?) I feed Lola some yogurt. By the time I get her out of her highchair, it is apparent that she is waaay over-tired. She has a lovely screaming-crying fit while I get her jammies on and take her upstairs. She won’t let me snuggle with her, so I lay her down and leave.

8:30 The boys are in bed. Sorta. Lola continues to scream, so Daddy goes up to snuggle and she settles down and goes to sleep. I put away groceries, put in a load of laundry (it never ends!!!), and return a bunch of emails. The house that was so lovely just a few short hours ago is rather disastrous again and my back and neck are still hurting.

9:15 The boys are having a hard time settling down, so I go and snuggle for a few minutes with each one of them.

9:45 More laundry, computer stuff, record keeping, kitchen clean-up, house straightening, scheduling stuff (wow, did January and early February fill up!!), blogging, watching the last ten minutes of the movie I’ve been watching in ten-minute increments for the past two weeks while folding laundry…

12:00 Bed. (How did it get so late?!!!)


Laura at By the Bushel said...

Loving this 'series'.
Saw Writing with Ease on your Dr. Pepper desk. Lots of storage there too. ;)
I'm also reading Bonhoeffer. Apparently everyone thought I should read/hear it this year. I got a hard copy & a audio. Not an easy read. I agree.
I think there should be a day 4... for sure.

Anonymous said...

We too are loving this "series". Grandpa always finds it first - he has his computer on a lot- and then he tells me I must go read it. Grandma

really.truly said...

Love this post.....and love the snuggy your son is wrapped in :)

Glenissa said...

You are amazing! I love these schedule post. I haven't gotten to all of them, but they are so good.

April said...

I love all of your "day in the life" posts but this one was an especially good episdode. ;) I love the picture of Levi and Lola watching the laptop-- she sure was into it, wasn't she?