Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Morning With Lola ~ Take 2


Wahooo! Someone left the bathroom door open….






While we’re hanging out in the bathroom (and I actually did my hair and makeup…)


Oooh, look. A drawer to empty onto the floor while mommy’s busy taking pictures of herself…


I don’t like stuffed animals and toys, but this is right up my alley.



Anonymous said...

Love those jammies :) and Lola, you are loving life :) You are adorable and your momma is lovely!
~Connie in Tualatin

Any plans to go to AC Gilbert this month? Just checking :) Let us know if you'd like to meet! ~C

Florida Life said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are not for the faint of heart! Or at least, not for the mom's with only one baby so far! I don't know how you took those pics of her climbing up on the sink and didn't pass out! ;) You must know something I don't know, as a mom of 3 boys before miss Lola. :D

Anonymous said...

Wow!! She is one strong little girl to be able to climb up there like that. And how could you keep taking pictures when she could have fallen. You must really know her well and that she could make it. Loved the pictures. You still have your hands full and will for quite a while!! Grandma

Heidi said...

Connie~ I hadn't planned on going to AC Gilbert, but that might be a fun outing. Could you shoot me an email so I have your address?

Kayla~ After three climbing boys, it didn't even raise my blood pressure a single notch. :) We've been here before. Exactly here. That would be Leif, a month younger than Lola. I was trying to find the post with a picture of Leif standing on top of a little bookcase (his favorite place to hang out), but I couldn't find it. Levi would pull out the drawers in our kitchen island (you know the one :)) to use as steps and then stand/dance on top, probably before he was one. Truly, if a baby wants to climb, you have to cage them to keep them from it. Either that, or have a dedicated play room with no furniture...

Grandma~ There was no doubt in my mind she could do it. :) I was laughing because I noticed you had commented on the post I linked above where Leif had climbed into the sink...

Unknown said...

Some families must simply have the climbing gene...none of my kids climbed as babies/toddlers. Oh my...I'd be a nervous nelly! But it sounds like it's just an ordinary day around the house for you! He, he!

Hannah said...

I love how you kept calm, carried on, let her explore, and looked totally elegant while doing do!

Skeller said...

uh oh. hang on to your hat! looks like there's probably 4+ more insane years in front of you!!! (she comes in a cute little girl form, but certainly looks like she's got all the skills her older brothers possess!)