Monday, April 16, 2012

Memory Master

I just completed the Memory Master challenge for Classical Conversations!

This year our director opened up the Memory Master opportunity for any interested parents. I think it was a fabulous idea.

It gives a parent the opportunity to set a good example of setting goals and working toward them. It allows parents to experience the process first-hand and empathize with their children going through the same process. It also fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie and encourages parents and children to work together toward a mutual goal.

What does a Memory Master accomplish?

Four proofs (reciting ALL of the memory work to another adult in one sitting). Mastery (but not perfection) is required. Self-correction is allowed, but the Memory Master must be able to recall all of the information with prompts but no hints or help.

Cycle 3 memory work (which is probably the easiest of the 3 cycles):

*22 U.S. history sentences with dates

(e.g. “In 1917, President Wilson asked Congress to declare war on the Central Powers two years after German U-Boats sank the Lusitania, killing American citizens.”)

*The Preamble to the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights (simple list form)

*160 timeline events (in chronological order) from early civilizations to modern America

*All 44 presidents in chronological order

*37 Latin vocabulary words

*3 Latin rules

*John 1:1-7 in Latin (from the Vulgate) and then translated into English

*12 human body systems (lists—about 52 items)

(e.g. “Bones that make up the axial skeleton are cranium, vertebrae, ribs, and sternum.”)

*2 chemistry definitions, parts of an atom, and the first 12 elements of the periodic table by number, name, symbol, and mass (rounded)

*6 sentences about science and scientific theories

(e.g. “Uniformitarianism is the belief that Earth’s past geological changes can be fully explained by current processes.”)

*All 50 states and capitals and more than 70 U.S. geographical features (mountains, lakes, rivers, trails, territories, canals, etc.)

*8 English grammar definitions

*Verb principle parts, sentence structures, and sentence patterns

*13 Irregular verbs (principle parts: infinitive, present, past, present participle, and past participle)

(e.g. “to lie, lie(s), lay, lying, lain”)

*Skip counting/times tables 1-15 plus squares (up to 15x15) and cubes (up to 10x10x10)

*4 measurement conversions, 5 geometry formulas, and 4 laws

(e.g. “The Distributive Law states a(b+c)=ab+ac.”)

And I think that’s it. Whew!!!


Congratulations to my friends Char and Christina for taking on this challenge, as well! And their kids at 7,8, and 9 years old!


Tsh @ Simple Mom said...

That's huge, Heidi! Incredibly impressed. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you also!

J and I went to Dairy Queen for a victory treat. While we ate, I HAD to recite the entire timeline and all 24 history sentences in order. The director proof was too short, and I didn't feel complete!


Laura at By the Bushel said...

Way too cool. :) congratulations!

~liz said...

as a fellow CC mama to three boys (and i'm also a tutor!), i'm very impressed...i don't think i could have done it! congratulations!!! :)

Renee said...

Great job!!

Jenn said...

Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations! I just tested my BFF's kids for their memory work for CC and was most impressed by what they accomplished! We are joining CC next year (and I'm planning on tutoring - eek) and can't wait.

Heasleye said...

Bravo, Mama!!! Brilliant, you are!

Katrina said...

Wow! Congratulations! I actually found your blog about a year while searching for information on CC, which I was only considering at the time. We did it, and I am amazed at all my kiddos learned. But seeing it all laid out like you have here makes it even more impressive, and that's not to mention all my 4th-grader learned in Essentials! We didn't have a parent option for memory masters, but I'm going to mention it to my Director for next year! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, that is incredible!!! Sounds to me like you are ready to go on the TV show "Jeopardy", which we watch every night as you probably know. Grandpa and I are very proud of you. Grandma

Anonymous said...

I was quizzing my daughter tonight and was thinking that I sould be memorizing this too! I might just do it! Thanks for the inspiration!
Faye in Eugene

Anonymous said...

YOU are awesome! and what an awesome (truly, i'm in awe!) accomplishment! now to see if you can remember them til lola's in cycle 3, eh?
jodi in pa

Yevette said...

Great job!

CC Jen said...

That is so cool! I think I'll offer that for the moms in my community next year :)

Heather said...

Way to go, Heidi!!! Well done!

Kathie said...

Wow---great job! I think that is a fabulous idea!