Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet 16!


It can’t be. But ‘tis true. My niece Ilex is sixteen. And she is fabulous. Just completely lovely and kind and intelligent and a joy to be around. She is more like a 25 year old than a 16 year old. And really, really tall. I’ve lost my status as the tallest girl in the family.

(Can you believe this was my first photo session with her four and a half years ago?! I can’t wait to take her senior pictures!!)

She had a lovely birthday celebration a week ago.

(I’m behind on all my pictures. Waaaay behind. And now they’ll be all out of order. But I’m determined to get more posted!!)





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Hannah said...

She's a beauty! And what a treasure, to have a 16 year old who's such a joy to be around. I am going to have one of those for the summer, and I can't wait.

As always, gorgeous photos. I covet.