Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just for Justin

Justin wanted to know where the Sunday afternoon target practice photos were, so here they are.








Tsh @ Simple Mom said...


Hannah said...

I love -- adore, even! -- the one of you in your sweet dress firing that gun. Is that the first time you've shot? It makes me grin. Maybe you need to update your sidebar. ...longtime blogger, avid sentence diagrammer, fastest draw in the West!

P.S. Surely you earned some extra cred with those three boys of yours!

Hannah said...

Okay, and furthermore ... I think you should keep practicing until you can shoot out the symbols on a playing card from fifty yards away, like a certain mysterious Frenchman we both know and love!

Heidi said...

It wasn't the *first* time (my dad was with the state police and I have some serious, avid gun-collectors/enthusiasts in my family, but I hadn't done that in a long, long time. Maybe I'll take it up as my new hobby. ;-P I probably won't be putting it on my side bar any time soon, but I *did* add sentence diagrammer. Ha! :)

Sarah said...

ha! Well... you know, sentence diagrammer, fastest draw in the West—basically the same thing, right?

Justin said...

These are lovely! Thanks for posting them. We enjoyed meeting all of you, and the impromptu shooting lesson was a lot of fun.