Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Peace Hill Press Weekend ~ Day 2, The B&B



We caught a few hours of sleep. I woke up to a knock letting me know that hot tea and homemade chocolate biscotti were waiting for me outside my door. Sunlight poured in when I opened my curtain. Yes, it was paradise. The Bed and Breakfast at Peace Hill.

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Fresh flowers on the dresser and one of my favorite books. Lovely.


I met Stephanie, whose delayed flight had arrived just an hour or two before ours. I also met Mandi, who had driven in just that morning. We all headed downstairs for a late breakfast.


Tsh had also arrived late at Sarah’s house just down the road, and they both joined us for breakfast.

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Breakfast was delicious. Fruit plate, egg and sausage casserole (local sausage and eggs from the Bauer farm), and out-of-this-world homemade scones.


We leisurely ate, talked, and shared travel stories.


Then it was time to head over to Peace Hill Press to see Susan Wise Bauer!


Holly Heinz said...

Oh am I ever enjoying these wonderful photos & details, Heidi! Even the horrible 5hr delay (which had me practically hyperventilating) story. How awful. But looks as though all went well from then on. Thanks for taking the time to post about this fabulous time. So happy for you. Can't wait for the next submission!

Hannah said...

Blood boiling about the 5-hour delay (WITH NO FOOD!) but now this post has put it all in perspective. :-) Heidi, it sounds and looks delightful! Question: How, if at all, is the B&B related to Peace Hill Press and/or the Bauers? Is it part of their operation, or is it just a neighbor borrowing their name? Just curious.
I wonder if SWB was feeling as excited/nervous to meet you all as you must have been right around the time that this post leaves off!

Heidi said...

Good question. :) The property was originally in Susan's family. It came up for sale a couple years ago, and she bought it. The house had been turned into a B&B, so they found a couple to run it for them. She talks a little about it in this blog post:

Hannah said...

Got it! Very cool.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I'm loving your story so far (I'm catching up:)! And could this B & B be any more charming?! I love it! we are big fans of B & B's here!