Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Even the darkest night will end

…and the sun will rise. ~Les Miserables





Diane S said...

I am reading Les Miserables for the first time and hope I can get through it all before the movie comes out! It looks so good!

Jen Rouse said...

Confession: I have never read Les Mis! Even though I know it's a classic, and it's my sister's favorite book. I just haven't gotten to it. It's sitting on my shelf, though. I better get to work.

Hannah said...

I am, as you already know, drooling.

I just have to keep from singing around the house, "I had a dream this life would be/ so different from the hell I'm living ..." ;-) Don't want to give my family the wrong idea!

Sarah V. said...

LOVE! Our lit club is reading Les Mis right now. We covered Books 1 & 2 in October ... we will discuss Books 3 & 4 in November ... and Book 5 in December. And then we will go to the movie together in December. CANNOT WAIT! I have never read Les Mis before and am just astounded by the masterpiece Hugo created.

Mindy said...

I saw the previews in the theater and those and the music brought me to tears. I am anxiously awaiting this movie!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

{In tears}