Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taking a Breath (of Fresh Air)


The past week has been crazy busy, and I’m finally getting a day to breathe (and begin to dig my way out of the avalanche of mess I’m buried in). The boys had a change in schedule for their swim practices, and I’ve had a rough time adjusting. Wednesday was Russ’s birthday. Leif’s tutor invited us all over Thursday for a nature hike/hot chocolate party so the kids could start on their nature journals. Friday and Saturday were completely consumed by a huge baby shower I threw for my sister with a tremendous amount of help from an awesome crew of friends and family. (Pictures to come, of course.)

My mom was gone for a couple weeks spending time with my grandma who began chemo treatments for cancer (just as grandpa was beginning to feel better). I was glad my mom was able to make the trip, but I sure did miss her! I realized just how much I depend on her. Mondays were a little challenging (but my best friend, Char, stepped in to rescue me). And getting ready for a big party was challenging, especially when I didn’t have the queen event-planner (Shannon) on my team! Mom arrived home in the late afternoon on Friday—just in time to help us set up for the shower. (Russ spent a couple days being a single parent…)

I was exhausted by Sunday (and my house was a disaster), but I worked in the nursery at church in the morning and then we had a late night out with friends. Monday is our busiest day of the week with Classical Conversations, but it is tougher when we aren’t prepared and we’ve all had a little less sleep than we need. (And what a nasty, drenched, dark, blustery Monday it was!!)

So I slept in this morning. And then made a late breakfast of waffles and whipped cream. And then began the little by little process of putting the house back into some semblance of order (forget clean and lovely, I’ll settle for a few bare surfaces). Tackling the towers of dishes and dirty clothes. The bins and boxes of party stuff. The piles of papers. Bleh. And it is still nasty outside.

I’m in denial that Thanksgiving is in two days, kick-starting the blur through the holidays. I’m praying we find some time to sit and savor the season of advent.

Are you all ready for the Christmas season?



Tsh said...

Can I have Lola's outfit? It's adorable.

Miss you... Would love to see you guys sometime in December.

Unknown said...

Your pictures are fantastic. Lola's boots utterly adorable.

In the grand scheme, no one will remember if *all* the things got picked up or laundry got folded or whatever. You will savor the moments of simply being together with the people you hold most dear. Your kids will remember that you were totally *there* for them--that you cherish(ed) them and made them [feel] like the most important thing. Russ, your family, your friends will adore you all the more for the love you pour into your family.

Short story: don't scale all the towers, bins, or boxes. Put your wellies on and go splash in puddles while we have them.

{big hugs}

Heidi said...

Yes, Tsh! I would love to. Russ and I need to sit down and go over our schedule anyway...we'll see what we can do. :)

Thanks, Jen. It is hard to remember the big picture sometimes. :) I think I'm due for some puddle splashing!

Shell in your Pocket said...

What fun! Looks like a pretty walk!!

sandy to

ps love her boots!

The Vosslers said...

Oh what sweet pictures! Who made your nature journals and how did they do it? Super cute.