Friday, April 5, 2013



The Mt. Hope Homeschool Open House was great fun yesterday. Thanks everyone who was able to make it out to visit! I was a little bummed about the rain, but this is spring in Oregon. We appreciated the few days of beautiful weather we had leading up to the open house so that we could get some projects finished.

I didn’t snap any pictures during the open house because I wanted to just focus on spending time with those who came. But I have a bunch of home pictures to share. It will take me a while to get them all posted, so I think I’ll share them in smaller batches, starting with outside pictures. (I’m using artistic license to crop out the ugly blue shop in front of our house…)


(Russ cuts “mazes” in the grass for the boys to run or ride their bikes on.)



Nancy said...

What a beautiful home! I wish we lived in Oregon. My in-laws live in West Linn, and it's lovely to visit in summertime.

Anonymous said...

Your home is darling... And I adore the fact that your husband cuts "mazes" into the grass. Your boys probably take it for granted, but I've never heard of a dad who did that before, super sweet! Destiny

Lisa @ Mom, Net Mom said...

It was nice meeting you today—and, seeing the woman behind the blog.

I look forward to future run-ins and learning together.

Warm regards,

Lisa (from Eugene)

Unknown said...

Improvise and Overcome. Brilliant! May I copy that for our school room? Your open house sounds wonderfully encouraging, and your blog is fresh air. But it really makes me long for a CC in our area (Roseburg). Alas, we press on. Thanks for sharing inspiration here!

Christie said...

Gorgeous photos of your lovely home. I bet your open house was fun. I'm in central Oregon so know just how spring is. Yours is green anyway. :-)

Christie said...

I have a question ... does your pergola have a solid roof? It looks clear but I can't tell if its solid or more wood slats. It is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I just pinned your idea of cutting mazes into your lawn; I LOVE that idea and will be suggesting it to my husband tonight. Thanks for such a great blog; I don't comment often, but read every post.

Heidi said...

It was nice to meet you also, Lisa!

Christie~ The porch "roof" is corrugated plastic. It keeps the porch area dry, but doesn't block out the light (we need all the light we can get!!).

Christie said...

I like it and would do the same!!!

Anonymous said...

charming, lush, and beautiful!