Monday, April 29, 2013

I invite you to join me…

At this summer’s Classical Conversations 2013 Parent Practicums!

It feels so great to be wrapping up our third year with Classical Conversations.

This is the time of year when many homeschooling parents feel as if they are finally getting a chance to come up for a breath of fresh air. So often during the school year we have our heads down, focusing on our daily tasks, the weekly lessons, the end of that math book, or the never-ending to-do list. But occasionally we need to grab a ladder and poke our heads out of the trenches. (Anyone with me?!)

That ladder could be a Classical Conversations Parent Practicum!

When we are in the trenches, we are only able to see what is right in front of us—the present moment or task. But a CC Parent Practicum ladder may allow us to see beyond the immediate by helping us…

1. View the big picture: What is the purpose of education? How does the classical, Christian educational model serve that purpose?

2. See where we’re headed: What is in the future for our students, and are we on the right road to get there?

3. Model a spirit of life-long learning: How do we pursue knowledge, understanding, and wisdom as adults? How can we cultivate a spirit of curiosity? How can we empathize with our students who are facing challenging tasks or subjects?

The heart of Classical Conversations is to equip parents to teach their children, and the Parent Practicums serve that mission.

The practicum theme this year is Returning to Roots and Reason: The Art of Arithmetic.

Why math?

Math is one subject very likely to be compartmentalized and isolated. It is also a subject that is likely to provoke polarized reactions—many people (parents and students, alike) profess either to love or hate math! But it is also a fundamental, core subject!

The 3-day parent practicum events will present practical tools for studying and teaching math using the model of classical, Christian education.

1. We will focus each day on one of the three classical subjects (also called the trivium): grammar, dialectic/logic, and rhetoric. We will demonstrate how these subjects or tools of the trivium are applied to mathematics. We will practice these tools and engage in dialogue together during the course of the practicum.

2. We will understand how mathematics is integrated with other subjects, not isolated.

3. We will observe how mathematics is not merely a skill of computation, but it reflects the artistry of God. Both language and mathematics are part of God’s nature, and we are made in His image.

CC Parent Practicums are held all over the United States. They are made available at no cost to the local community, not only to Classical Conversations parents. Anyone interested in education may attend! Invite friends to come be inspired and encouraged!

[If you are a veteran homeschooling parent, particularly if you have attended previous CC Parent Practicums, consider attending to help mentor and support homeschooling parents who are just setting out on this road. The nature of the practicums allows much time for dialogue and interaction. (There are also many opportunities to serve and volunteer. Contact the practicum host for more information.)]

While you are learning, your children have the opportunity to learn, as well! Reasonably-priced student camps are available at each of the 3-day practicums. Nursery is available for children 0-2 years of age. Play Camp is designed for children ages 3-5. Students ages 6-8 attend a Geography/Drawing Camp, and various academic camps are scheduled for students ages 9-14 (click on the link below to see what academic camp is offered at your local practicum).

Click on this link to find events in your area and register. Pre-registration (for both the free parent practicum and the paid student camps) is required.

Local Dates

Salem, OR: May 20-22 (the academic student camp offered is Latin)
Springfield/Eugene, OR: June 24-26 (the academic student camp offered is Logic)
Albany, OR: July 29-31 (the academic student camp offered is Logic)

I will be speaking at the Springfield/Eugene and Albany practicums (and attending the Salem practicum). I’d love to see you there!!

* Further reading for math practicum inspiration.


Elizabeth A. said...

I'll get to meet you at the Salem practicum and thank you for all your hard work!

Jen @Balancing Beauty and Bedlam/10MinuteDinners said...

So fun to find out you are one of the practicum speakers. Lisa Bailey (up there on the video with Leigh) is my neighbor, good friend, and tutor of our kids for years. We roped her into joining CC years ago (right after it launched). I just stepped down after ten years with CC.
Jen @balancing beauty and bedlam